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Membership Sites Replay & Done-For-You Offer Available for a Limited time...

Payment Plan Now Available

Get your professional membership site built in as little as 6 weeks ...without learning code or fine tuning your design skills

We’d like to invite you to be part of our done for you membership site pilot program.

In exchange for being a case study, we will build you a membership site at a steep discount.

The whole purpose of the pilot is to co-create the right membership environment for you! So we’ll also have developers on hand.

We're Looking For You?

We are currently looking for 10 folks to join our Done-For-You Membership Site Pilot. In exchange for your discounted fee, we will highlight your new membership site in our case study, which will help drive more traffic to your site!

The purpose behind this pilot is to build a custom membership site, just for you, with functionality that is requested by you and the other members in the pilot. In other words, you will have full access to our development team, who will develop the sites based on your requests.

Pilot Details

Participation in this one-of-a-kind pilot is for you if you currently have an online course/gated content or are looking to create one, in order to gain consistent, residual income..

We will choose up to 10 people from different niches, who currently use, or are planning on using an autoresponder such as Active Campaign, ConvertKit, MailerLite, etc.

The pilot will require an initial commitment of approximately 3 months, in order to start development of your membership site; with another 9 months of support and development requests, specific to your site. In the first 6 weeks we will work together to build your membership site. In the remaining 6 weeks, we will work towards optimising your site and marketing your site to attract your ideal members!

When you sign up for the pilot program you will get:

  • 5 Custom designed pages
  • 3 pages of membership content added
  • Documentation provided for components
  • Core Membership Component
  • Digital Ecommerce Component
  • Affiliate Component
  • Access to private FB Group
  • Ability to contribute to monthly roadmap
  • 2 x 30min 1on1 consultations
  • Exposure for your new site and interview opportunity


Access to our Development Team

In addition, you will  get a full year (12 months) membership to our Code & Care Club. This membership entitles you to a full year of updates and request submissions after your membership site is up and running..

Because of this workload, we can likely only offer this  to the first 10 respondents at this price.

In this pilot you not only get a Done-For-You membership site, but you will also get a total of 12 months of developer support (including any additional functionalities the group requests, built into your own site as well).

The Pilot Cost

Our normal charge for a custom-designed Membership Site is $4495.

But you’ll only pay a small sum of $1495 when you join the pilot today. Apply now to lock in your seat.

This crowdsourced membership platform (with extensions), will be custom-developed based on your specific needs. Your required features will be added to your membership site, as time permits.

-Only $1495-


Questions I know you are asking

Do I need to provide my own host and domain name?

No, however if you are in need of hosting, we can discuss a single domain hosting option for  $75 a year. Otherwise, feel free to bring your own!

You will need a domain name. If you do not currently have a host and/or domain, we can house your website in a "development" area and then transfer it to your host and domain later.

Why couldn’t I just create a membership site myself?

You can certainly do that if you have the knowledge and can devote the time needed. However, this is a Done-For-You (and alongside you) opportunity. You will not only get an amazing customized membership site but, you will be able to learn alongside professional developers.

Can I pay the amount in full?

Of course. We offer a $1495 full payment option. This is a SAVINGS  of 340 over the monthly payment plan.

What is included on the website?

You will receive  premium plugins, a premium theme + 5 web page designs,  as well as access to the membership area.

What plugins do you provide? Do I have to buy any?

There is no additional fee for the plugins that will be used on your membership site. You will receive the premium plugins and theme under our developer license and we will develop your own extensions to power-charge these.

The plugins you will receive  include Easy Digital Downloads, AffiliateWP, Astra Pro, Elementor, Restrict Content Pro and Gravity Forms.

I already have an existing website. Can I get a discount?

This pilot is already at a greatly-reduced price and, unfortunately, we can't go any lower, considering the workload involved. You may want to consider creating a separate website for your membership site.  The purpose of this pilot is to create something customised and specific to your membership site.

However, feel free to contact us with your circumstances and we will discuss on a case-by-case basis.

How will you help me get members?

We will host webinars and training classes, as well as group sessions that will incorporate  the latest  marketing techniques needed to attract  new members to your site. Although it is up to you to do the actual marketing.

What is the Code & Care Club?

The Code & Care Club  is our premium member club. Cost will be $150 per month upon launch, but when you sign-up for the DFY Membership Site Pilot, you  will receive your first year for FREE.  Renewals, after the first year, will be $97/month. Your Code & Care Club membership includes access to our development team. This is a great benefit! It will enable you to build functionality for your membership site that is beyond the normal scope of the plugins.

You will also receive weekly backups and updates to your site. And as a SPECIAL BONUS, you will receive any additional functionality we create month-after-month, for the first 12 months of your Code & Care Club membership.

Basically, YOU will be in control of growing the functionality and all members will benefit.

Who builds the websites and develops the extra functionality?

I am  a professional web developer and will be working on the coding, alongside a small team of collaborative developers, to build amazing membership sites for everyone in the pilot program. This is why I can only take a limited number of people for this pilot!

Will I own my website?

Absolutely! Your website will be launched in 6 weeks and will be placed on your server. We will ask that you commit to your payment plan because during the year, we will be providing bonus training and updates along with new modifications as per The Code & Care Club.

Will there be training on how to use it?

Yes. We will provide a Google doc, that you can download as a pdf,  with steps on how to make changes. This document will be  updated as  questions arise.

Will I be able to make updates myself?

Once the website is launched, you may make updates and/or add your own plugins. That is fine, since it is  YOUR website. However, our support will  only cover the plugins that were chosen in the pilot. If you encounter issues with  the site after you have installed something new , we are always here for you and can prepare a quote to fix it, at our discretion.

Are there any additional costs beyond the quotes price?

Once the 12 months is up, we will invite you to continue on as part of the code & care club for $97 a month.

If you wish to maintain access to plugin updates after the year, we have an option to just pay $97 a year. But this is optional and the plugins will still function. However we recommend you keep them updated.

Interested in being one of the ten people to join this pilot?


Sign up now and get this huge discount on your Membership Website

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-Only $1495-

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