FAQ | Mark Of Approval Web & Marketing

1. How can a website help me? 

A website is your important portal to the world of online business. If you have no website, you are missing the mark. Not only does it help bring more business, but it proves to your customers and clients you are willing to invest in yourself. Oh and it works like a businessman 24/7 capturing leads and interest.

2. Why should I choose you?

I started off programming for the web in 2004, so I have a long history. While a programmer isn’t always required, it’s definitely a benefit to know how things work under the hood when technical problems arise. We are also a small team so you won't be pushed from one department to the next. I am your direct point of contact.

3. When you build me a website, is that it?

Not at all. I stand by my work for 30 days after launch to iron out any bugs plus I highly encourage you to get on a “Website Healthcare Plan”. If you ask any of my previous clients, you’ll know I go above and beyond to offer the post-launch support that is needed.

4. So you offer support plans?

Absolutely. We have plans ranging from entry level, where we keep an eye on your site and make sure it is updated, to more marketing based where we help you brainstorm and implement ways to extend your reach.

5. Are you hiring?

Occasionally, I'll use trusted contractors. But mostly I'm a one man band. Still, if you're interested in working together, drop me a line.

6. Will you sign an NDA?

No. This can lead to a lot of misinterpretations especially if we do not move forward with your project. I like to build implicit trust. If that is not your thing, it's cool but I won't be your choice.

7. How long does it take to build a website?

For the website build itself, we aim for 4-8 weeks but that's a bare minimum. This depends on various factors such as content being received, and revisions or feedback being implemented. Plus some projects, like ecommerce sites, will be a lot bigger in scope.

8. Can I request changes as we go?

I encourage you to work with me to agree on a plan close to the beginning. Changes can extend the length of a project unnecessarily and are better suited as an add-on task later. If you feel they are business critical, we can reassess at the time.

9. But what if I’m in a hurry?

We are currently rolling out prebuilt websites  to help with this demand. Unlike other fast solutions, these templates are easy for anybody to customise. We'll also provide the training on how to do so.

10. Who do you work with?

My sweet spot is online entrepreneurs who need a membership site or local warehouse outlets who need an ecommerce site. But I'm flexible on this.

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