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Kolline is a dating coach for men and asked me to create her a website so that she could promote her coaching services.

Working with Kolline was a true breath of fresh air because she always provided the content I needed to put on the website. Her dedication to both her clients and her movement blew me away.

But in order to get Kolline traction so her marketing team could deploy their strategies, we needed to work on building a solid foundation.

Here’s what we did:

  • I took Kolline’s inital copy and transformed into web ready elements so it was easily consumable by  the web traffic
  • Her marketing team wrote custom copy for the top of the website so I added that and framed her picture as instructed to show Kolline’s affectionate personality
  • Kolline, being a highly visual academic person turned her teach points into powerful quotes with breaktaking graphics. So we produced a gallery so that users could swipe through the collection.
  • Mark of Approval Web & Marketing’s involvement was positioned heavily in making things look appealing to the market.

As of now, Kolline has totally rebranded to focus on her Match Making Services based out of San Fransico. I was honoured that she again chose me to build her new brand.

I’d also like to acknowledge Sheena Becera, Kolline’s personal assistant, for her contribution to the website.

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