A Freelancer Oriented Event

Looking for speakers to present at our Summit called
“The Freelancer Process & Workflows Symposium 2021”

An event aimed at showing freelancers the tools they need to optimise their business processes and the communication techniques required to build better client relationships; so they can create a freelancing business they love.

If you think this is something you may be interested in presenting at, we’d love you to read on.

About this Event

I’m Mark Hunter of Mark of Approval Web & Marketing. And I run a digital Web Design Consultancy. After seeing other freelancers struggle to find clients, my team and I decided to put on this summit.

And as business owners in the field of online services, we would love to invite you to speak at our upcoming “The Freelancer Process & Workflows Symposium 2021”, scheduled for November 15, 2021.

The symposium will focus on attendees who are tech-based freelancers or project managers, looking to find systems, processes, and better ways to maintain mutually agreeable relationships and communications with their clients.

The Details about this Event

The summit is going to be a 5 day event hosted by Mark Hunter of Mark of Approval Web & Marketing and his team.

We are looking for speakers who are willing to present a 45min presentation on a topic related to business processes, tech workflows or client communication skills.

We are targeting professional freelancers and Virtual Assistants who work online and deliver services across multiple clients. Some of our followers are brand new whereas others are branching out into scalable fields whereby they are creating courses, packaging their services or offering consultative services.

Considering becoming a speaker at our event? Here are some topics you might like to speak on:

Considering becoming a speaker at our event?

Here are some topics you might like to speak on:

Communicating effectively with clients

Building mutual respect with your prospect during the follow up stage

How to bridge the communication gap between yourself and your client when it comes to tech & apps

How to avoid scope creep, miscommunication and micro-management

Your Topic Here?

Business Processes

Effective Client getting systems without feeling slimy or needy

How to scale your client’s system through teams or processes and procedures

How to create a standard operating procedure

Your Topic Here?

Tech & App Workflows

How to track & organise your time using apps

Top WordPress Plugins for Freelancers building authority Websites

Tech ninja tricks for working online

Your Topic Here?

The Event Structure & Breakdown

The event goes for 5 days. But the 5th day (Friday) will be a pure networking day for speakers and audience members to mingle on Zoom.

For the days Monday to Friday we are looking for 4 speakers per day. Unlike other summits, ours is split into 2 separate time zones.

Each session, which includes 2 speakers, will be placed in either a US or UK timeslot.

Our USA event kicks off and starts on the 15th going from 4pm to 7pm (East coast Time) with an hour break between speakers.

Our UK/EU kicks off on the 16th with 2 speakers and starts at 4pm Brisbane/Queensland, Australian time and goes till 7pm as well.

On Friday we only have 2 sessions. One at 4pm US East Coast time and one at 4pm Brisbane time. These are interactive and all attendees can hang out, get on video, talk and celebrate the week.

Upon applying to speak, we will ask you for your preferred time slot and other time slots you are available.

Who is running this event?

My name is Mark Hunter and I run both a web consultancy called Mark of Approval Web & Marketing as well as a WordPress training membership called WP Study Group.

I am privleged to be in a position to put this event on for you and my awesome team.

Please allow me to give you a tidbit about all of us.

Aussie Web Developer and Cat Loving Geek.

Mark Hunter

Hey! I’m Mark Hunter and I am the crazy mind behind this summit. But in all seriousness, I think it is needed because there is a lot of confusion out there.

I believe there is no one size fits all when it comes to working online. For example, I have my recommended tools and strategies but that does not mean it will work for all your clients.

Email is not dead. And a Webinar Funnel is NOT the one and only thing you need etc. So I am super grateful to bring you speakers with their experiences of, not only working smarter not harder, but also telling you the things you should be aware of. And when you need to apply them.

My own background is very techy. I build WordPress Websites. But I am a trained PHP Programmer and Website Developer / Coder. I would like to take a moment to introduce my team too.

Our Apple Cidar Dougnut loving Extrovert from Virginia, USA. LibertyVirtualSolutions.com

Marie Mason

Marie Mason, of Liberty Virtual Solutions, might seem relatively new to the freelancing industry but she moved up the ladder very fast. Marie is a pure action taker, a mindset coach and former veteran of Network Marketing Sales.

She does not let the judgment of others stop her from being her. This is an important attribute for our team. Because she gets things done. And reminds us not to overthink; that we can always come back with spit and polish.

Marie is from Virginia, in the United States of America. She is in charge of reaching out to both speakers and promoters and ensuring they have the things they need to successfully and confidently help us make this summit a rockin’ success!

My Marie Quote
If you need a football stadium filled in a short amount of time, there is only one person you need on your speed dial. Marie Mason. Period!

Our full time Jersey Gal and part time "Zoo Keeper" with a keen eye for details. LotusBusinessResources.com

Karen Kannegiesser

Meet Karen of LotusBusinessResources.com. Karen is my super star social media manager from the small but hyper-busy State of New Jersey in the USA.

Karen is fairly quiet but she really knows her stuff well. She is an ex corporate so this is one person who knows how to stay up to date with the current trends, while meticulously noting every possible outcome so we can disaster proof ourselves.

We feel safe with Karen. Plus she is our automations & systems expert.

She is in charge of our social department for this summit. She will be heavily monitoring our social gathering groups and mingling with attendees prior to the event.

My Karen Quote
My Jersey pal is serious but funny with a dry sense of humour. But if anybody throws a stone at her friends, she will throw 10 back at them.

Our Queen of Organisation with a thunderous thirst for happiness, laughter and networking. hbss.co.za

Heidi Schutter

Heidi, of Heidi’s business services, is a very savvy business owner with vast experience in administrative services from document editing, to Website Design plus she is a trusted business consultant for many startups in South Africa.

Heidi takes pride in the presentation of things and has a keen eye for gentle colours and stylish fonts.

When our humble Heidi is not helping us with the summit, or helping her South African clients turn their dreams into real businesses; she is providing meals to children in need from at-risk communities in South Africa.

Heidi is loud and very motivational. As a life coach, she can quickly turn your cloudy day into one of joy, hope and accomplishment. She is in charge of documenting our summit processes and making things look super exciting and reaching out to our African market for collaborations.

My Heidi Quote
Laughter is always the best medicine. And when Heidi laughs, the roof flies off your house. But her energy is so infectious we are too busy rolling on the floor with her to notice the acid rain.

Our Linux loving, closet programmer & astute computer geek. Btw she's our writer!

Kathie GM

When I started outsourcing online back in 2013, Kathie was the one person I could rely on. I fondly recall a time when I got sick on a deadline and  Kathie proactively added all 100 products for my client’s ecommerce project.

Kathie, who is originally from the Philippines, lives in Europe – on a quaint country farm in Hungary. She has a gorgeous Bengal cat called Roxy who is literally the colour of some venomous Brazilian spider I once saw.

Once a college professor at a prestigious tech school in her birth country, Kathie is now in charge of repurposing our content into teaser & educational material for the summit.

My Kathie Quote
I run a web design and programming consultancy. Kathie is a super talented writer. I hired her. Eight months later, she lets slip and tells me she graduated with a masters in Programming and Web Development! Woohoo!!

We'd love to have you present with us

Here are some of the great perks our presenters will become privvy to.

  • You get to share your knowledge with a newer and wider audience
  • It is truly global and we operate this summit in two timezones
  • We encourage our speakers to give out a link to their netowrk so all speakers can benefit from the collective whole
  • But we will not force you and we will also use our own partner networks
  • Though we will make you an affiliate of our WordPress Study Group Membership site to sweeten the deal
  • We encourage you to share your links with our attendees and we’d love to promote – you can submit a guest blog post etc
  • Our team collectively has access to a wide audience of movers and shakers


Register below and fill in the speaker form on the following page:

Please note, we may not be able to choose all speakers for this event. But we will follow up with the shortlist on the 20th September. All speakers will be finalised by the 1st of October.

If you do not get chosen, it is likely due to the fact there is a lot of interest in speaking and we will keep all names in mind for future summits and potential post-summit interviews & collaborations.

Questions You May Be Asking

The summit goes from Monday (Eastern US time) until Friday for the week of the 15th in November.

Each day we will have four speakers over two timezones. So this will be a truly global event.

Our team is also split between Australia, North America, South East Asia, Africa and Europe. This makes those timezones super doable.

Recordings will also be made available for one week after the event, or lifetime for those with an upgraded & paid ticket.

Thanks to our business sponsors, we are able to offer 1000 free tickets to the upcoming summit.

However, there is also an opportunity for attendees to upgrade their ticket and receive a 12 month membership into our WP Study Group as well as an exclusive workshop week led by our sponsors & partners.

Speakers will have an opportunity to sign up as an affiliate and earn from the sales of tickets they refer.

Yes. We are going to offer our attendees 12 months of membership to our WP Study Group training site, plus an exclusive, paid attendees only workshop week.

Those who are chosen as speakers have a mandate to request access to our affiliate program, and receive a commission on the sales that are made as a direct result of marketing efforts.

My team and I believe there is a polarising tug of war between the freelancer and client. This has been accentuated, jabbed & pokered by the leading thought gurus on both sides of the argument.

The reality is, you can have a good fit that might seem bad at first. All it takes is an understanding and communication on both sides.

So not only do we want to help freelancers with tech based workflows and business processes; we aim to reduce conflict between freelancers and their clients.

To ensure freelancers get paid what they deserve by clients who are happy to pay it. All stress free for both sides.

We have not finalised the speakers yet, and that is why we ask you sign up as soon as you possibly can. Speaker registration will close on the 17th of September 2021.

We are working hard to recruit both prolific speakers and those who may not be as well known but have great content and experience to share.

Our team members in charge of speaker care and support are Marie Mason & Erwin Maningat. Although all team members will have an active hand in recruiting and vetting.

Freelancers and online service providers including project managers will get the best value out of this. However, those working as coaches and digital business owners or even consultants will also find value.

Some of our attendees’ clients have even shown interest in watching a couple of sessions to understand the communication part.

The WordPress Study Group is our WordPress & Tech training and membership site whereas Mark of Approval Web & Marketing is our digital consulting and client oriented website.

The WPSG itself is a coaching and community based membership and we are rolling out new training. It is currently closed to new members but will launch again during the summit.

We also process all affiliate referrals, sales and membership transactions through the WP Study Group website found at wpstudygroup.com

You may not wish to be a speaker but you may still want to contribute. And we have you covered for that.

You can promote our event as an affiliate. All referrals have a 6 month lifetime, meaning you can continue earning from repeat sales without further marketing for 6 months.

Another way is to become a sponsor by contributing a product to our gift basket. The gift bag is available to both free and paid attendees giving attendees the option to visit sponsor websites for downloads and more info.

We have limited spots for affiliates and sponsors so we may not be able to choose everybody, but you can certainly contact us at hello@markofapproval.com to learn more.

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