Event has ended.

Event has ended.

Join us and 20+ speakers in this One Week Virtual Event as we show methods for working more productively & strategically Online

And Learn How to Acquire Higher Quality Clients Who Respectfully Pay Premium Rates For Your Services

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Although starting your business as a freelancer can be exciting at first, the realisation soon seeps in that it’s not all rainbows and roses.

We become responsible for our own paycheck and sometimes we are so eager to find that next gig, we let a bad client walk all over us.

From there it seems we are working hard and long for a client who does not respect our work, asks for revisions at our expense and is even late paying that next invoice.

Often it can be really demoralizing. Many of my peers have told me they wanted to return to the “real world” of employment.

If this is something that rings true, I can tell you that I have been there multiple times. My team has been there multiple times. Even now we still have to look out for the red signs.

We found having the right processes for managing our businesses and the workflows for delivering great projects, was paramount to the success of us and our clients.

And so we decided to get together with some of the industry’s leading movers and share our collective experiences in our 5 day Virtual Summit called “The Freelancer Process and Workflows Symposium”.

This international, weeklong event starts on November the 15th. We support two timezones across both sides of the world. This has enabled us to serve the globe while cherry picking the best speakers worldwide.

So Are You Ready to Meet Our Speakers?

Let's go!

Lauren Clemett

Well Known, Well Paid And Wanted - How To Become The Respected, Go-to Expert

Angela Depalma

How to Niche and Why it is Important

Marie Mason & Tifa Mkwawa

How To Structure An Effective Standard Operating Procedure

Mark Smith


Renée Hasseldine

Harness Your Genius Using Visual Models

Rosie Shilo

Preparing to Outsource

Georgia Varjas

Communicating Effectively with Clients

Tammy Durden

How to Scale Your Client’s System by Creating Team Ready Processes

Kat Sturtz

How To Grow A Successful Freelance Business Without Losing Your Freedom And Fun in the Process

Belinda Wasser Sandor

“Reverse Delegation” – The Key to Success as a Virtual Assistant

Melanie Wood

The 3 C’s of Storytelling Your Business

Nanette Thelemaque

Prepare for Freelancing: What To Consider Before Going Freelance

Rosalyn Kahn

How to effectively communicate with clients in 2021 and beyond

Dianne Shelton

How to Get More Clients with Sales Funnel Automation

Landie Stevens

Nurturing and Growing Your Entrepreneurial Mindset (Don’t panic regroup)

Knowing the Things that Truly Matter

As you can see, our speakers have chosen topics that every start freelancer or growing digital consultant needs to eventually get a handle on for sustained growth.

By attending this event, you will find processes, workflows and communication strategies to both start and grow your freelancing business.

Some include:

Tried & True Processes that will help you to know...

💢How to brand yourself as well known so prospects chase you down instead
💢How to gain clients through speaking gigs
💢The essential processes needed for growth and how these can help avoid burnout
💢How to onboard clients by setting expectations
💢How to grow your client base through podcasting – and then offer it as a service

Communication protocols that show you...

👁‍🗨How to find your dream niche that positions you as the go to person in your field
👁‍🗨How to know when it time to start outsourcing within your own freelancing business?
👁‍🗨How to effectively communicate with your clients and bridge those techy gaps
👁‍🗨Communicating with your inner self – yes great communication starts with you!
👁‍🗨How to stay connected and solution oriented in a world of miscommunication, apathy and self entitlement

Speedy Workflows that show you...

💥How to create your first operating procedure – hint it is probably not your first!
💥How to effectively manage and increase productivity
💥The micro workflows that help build the foundation of a healthy and productive freelancing business

Ready to Take Your Freelance Business up a Notch?

We have 3 types of tickets you can choose from including a free ticket, a silver ticket and our Gold VIP ticket.

And when you sign up to the event you will receive:

A seat to attend the 25 sessions running in two different time zones. We use the Zoom webinar platform so you do not have to worry about appearing on camera.

We also know it’s likely not possible to attend all the events – especially considering they are in very different times. So we offer all free ticket holders access to watch the recordings for the week after the summit.

Silver and Gold ticket holders will receive lifetime access to the recordings. Plus both of these ticket holders will also be able to submit 3 emails a week to our team support desk, with one very specific question about freelancing.

Finally, an exclusive perk available only to Gold Ticket holders is that you will get an entire year access to our membership site called the WordPress Study Group. This will teach you the tools you need to master your workflow – productively & stress free – and also ways to both position yourself AND market your freelance business in a way that attracts the clients you want!

Imagine learning simple client attracting processes while feeling confident and in control as you start working towards building strategic longterm relationships!

Sign up today and watch as many presentations as you want knowing you will leave with powerful action steps to apply to your business.

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For the Curious Freelancer just starting out
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$249* USD
  • Attend Any or All Sessions Live
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  • VIP Access to send the summit team 4 questions per week up until November 12th to ask any questions related to building or growing a freelancing business
  • An entire Year's Access to our WordPress Study Group Coaching & Process Training Membership (expiring on December 1st 2022)
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Silver Ticket

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$97   USD
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  • Lifetime Access to Recordings

*Early bird pricing valid until 31st October

You will be taken to our WP Study Group membership site to sign up for the ticket.


Who is running this event?

My name is Mark Hunter and I run both a web consultancy called Mark of Approval Web & Marketing as well as a WordPress training membership called WP Study Group.

I am privileged to be in a position to put this event on for you and my awesome team.

Please allow me to give you a tidbit about all of us.



I am Mark Hunter and I firmly believe no one size fits all when it comes to freelancing. 

So I am truly honoured to have the oppotunity to bring you the biggest shakers in the digital industry to share the things that contributed to their success.


Co Host

Marie Mason is a pure action taker, mindset coach and former veteran of Network Marketing & Sales.

Her success recipe simply composes of just caring about people and taking a genuine interest in the lives of others.



Before becoming a freelancer 5 years ago, Karen spent 3 decades in corporate positions from Executive Assistant to Corporate buyer. She loves helping other heart-centered small businesses manage their social media and business processes. Her keen eye for detail comes in handy especially when taking care of her home ‘zoo’ in New Jersey.


Co Host

Heidi has a vast experience in administrative services from document editing, to Website Design. She is also a trusted business consultant for many local startups.

She also works alongside official bodies, in South Africa, to bring equality of Race, Gender & Opportunity to her diverse country.



Kathie is a tech loving prankster who lives on a quaint farm in Hungary with her husband, gigantic bengal cat and about a dozen other animals!

She is also a former college professor and highly skilled in writing, researching and computer systems.


The team and myself are in the freelancer trenches every day and it has not gone unnoticed

I have had the privilege of being part of Mark Hunter’s group while also following fellow member, Marie Mason. Both of them have given me awareness in the world of freelancing to further optimise the client communication process while doing so with confidence, knowing I have a group of veterans to confide in.

Meryl Dayao

Mark is VA Networking’s Web Developer. His extensive knowledge in the underworld side of WordPress, from both understanding the system inside out to the programming aspects, was a critical deciding factor for hiring.

Tawnya Sutherland
Founder of VA Networking

Tech is pretty frustrating. I just wanted to launch my membership site without worrying about the nitty gritty. But I also wanted my independence. Mark Hunter took me by the hand, helped me launch while explaining things “my way”. And I really look forward to joining our next group call with our amazing family.

Elizabeth Hughs Callison

I needed to move my website from one hosting service to another. This can get complicated for the end user with limited technical knowledge. Mark did a fantastic job working through all the obstacles, and my site is working on the new hosting. Thanks, Mark for a great job!

James Edgar

Other FAQS

The summit runs from Monday the 15th of November 2021 and finishes on Saturday the 20th.

We are running 5 sessions per day with a time zone break in between.

Brisbane times are:
4pm and 6pm then 5am, 7am and 9am

Times Equivalents for the East Coast of the United States (converted with daylight saving in mind) are:
1am, 3am then 2pm, 4pm and 6pm

We have a line up of around 25 speakers.

No, you can choose to only attend the ones you want. Free ticket holders have the following week to catch up on the replays.

Click on the appropriate ticket link in our pricing box, on this page above, and you will be taken to our WordPress Study Group site to continue the transaction.

Yes you can upgrade to a paid ticket anytime including after the event.

After some consideration, we decided to charge in USD (United States Dollars) due to the global nature of this event.

Payments are made through our WordPress Study Group membership portal. Australian Customers will pay 10% GST through our parent company, Savvycom.

Yes, 10% GST is included for Australian participants and collected by our parent company. Savvycom Pty Ltd. You can request an invoice for your accounting.