Web Presence for Company SAVVYCOM

Client: Greg Hunter of Savvycom
Type: Standard Website
Skills Used: Elementor page builder, Design
Contributors: Mark Hunter
Goals: Uphold web presence and showcase apps as he publishes them into portfolio

I’ve learned so much over the years growing up with a father who is an enterprise software developer. So as better technology in the WordPress space became available and my skills grew, we decided it was time to give his website a facelift.

My father, Greg Hunter, works as a software engineer. He specialises in Java Enterprise Programming and Software Architecture.

Since building his site on Genesis, new technology has become available.

So we shifted to a new and powerful theme coupled with the best page builder to showcase what he does in a fresh, clear and client focused way.

Dad wrote the content with jargon because his target market are clients who require either a subcontractor developer or a funded startup working on a new app.

Showcase Gallery

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