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Website Ownership and Advantages

In today\’s post, we will look back at the 3 main reasons that you need a website. I am an avid fan of WordPress. However, I understand that others may have different preferences when it comes to Content Management Systems. Regardless of preferences, this blog post discusses how important it is to have a website when you run a business online.  A website that you own gives you a long list of advantages.  Today, we will discuss the top 3 reasons why you need a website.

There are people who rely mainly on social media and other marketing vehicles. I did not post this blog to criticise those who prefer not to have a website but rather to point out the advantages of having one in support of your online business.

These may have never occurred to you but the following reasons will surely enlighten you about the advantages and will inspire you to store your content on a website that you own.

Building Your Online Credibility

Not having a website is an instant credibility killer.  No matter how catchy or how attractive your value offer is, often times, people tend to lose confidence once they know that you do not even have a website.  A website is your own territory online. It should say everything about you, the nature of your business, and how you do business with people.  It signifies to your target market that they know where to find you, and that you are not just some flashy thing online that loses its luster on social media in just a few days.

Having a website makes it easy for you to achieve the \”Know, Like, and Trust\” factors that you need in order to build credibility and growth in business.

A website also helps build your online credibility in

website for business

such a way that you could always highlight your Main Message and how consistent your web content is to that same message. Your website is a validation of everything that you have been posting on social media. Those that you attract on social media will be encouraged to take the next step in doing business with you upon seeing what you\’ve got to offer on your website.

Gaining Full Control Over Your Website Content

There is nothing wrong with utilising free platforms like Blogger or Wix or similar websites. To most people, it seems so amusing to be posting valuable content through their social media profiles. The most popular ones would certainly increase the chances of exposure for your web content.

The biggest downside of hosting your web content in free social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter is that there is always the possibility of your web materials being taken down without notice.  Needless to say, you would have forfeited your ownership of your content once you post through social media and other free social platforms.

Having your own website gives you full control over your content.  It would have to be a summary of your featured content housed in your own domain name, and hosted in a paid server or hosting service.  To top this, owning a website gives you full control over the flow of your “messaging” and allows you to take your readers to a form of “customer journey”.

Gaining Full Ownership of Your Content and Business

There are several reasons that a person decides to post web content. However, a good majority of people online utilize this type of exposure for purposes of business promotion.

We could further discuss this in a separate blog post but there should be a structure that you follow in putting the word out about you and your business online. This structure is only doable if you’ve got full ownership of your content and business.

To briefly explain the above premise, your “business” should be supported by the following:

  • Your Story
  • Your Main Message
  • The Customer Journey
  • Follow Through Content Strategy
  • Business Relevance

It is many a people’s folly to focus on only saying things about their business and never associate the human touch in promoting businesses.  People need to know the soul behind a business (your story), the idea that drives the business (messaging), how to apply the inputs gained (customer journey), and the succeeding inputs (follow through) that convince people why they need to see things your way instead.

That was a mouthful but I will expound on that concept in our MOA Webinars and other Content Strategy releases.

You Are The Business! There is no other best way of gaining ownership of your content and business but through housing all your valuable contributions in a website that you own.

For other content marketing and WordPress strategies, please check out this previous MOA blog.  See you in the next post.

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