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A Safe Community Where You Can Learn Profitable WordPress Strategies For Building Websites

It’s like having a mentor in your corner whenever you need it. No question too silly. No judgment. Ever!

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G’day WordPress Enthusiast. Have you been spinning your wheels trying to learn WordPress or taking your skills to the next level?

It might mean the difference between extra income, loss of sales or a head full of frustration.

And maybe this is something you are trying right at this point. But you lack the necessary skills, experience or maybe even confidence.

Of course, you could ask in some free groups only to get looked down upon like you should know the answer or you should Google it yourself.

The reality is, WordPress isn’t easy to master.

Sometimes we don’t even know the problem we are facing or the blockage. How can you Google something you don’t understand?

Yep. WordPress is a broad and dense topic because it powers around 18-23% of the web and is the most popular Content Management System in existence.

You want to get up to speed with it with confidence and skill.

That’s exactly why I created this “WordPress Study Group” Membership.

The Wp Study Group Is A Supportive Learning Group Made For You

If you’ve ever felt out of place in a large free support group for WP, this is your place right here. 

You can put confusion aside as we work together to solve your problems and find the best workflow that suits you.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join the WP Study Group:

  • WordPress Blueprints Program. A complimentary, live training workshop that runs for 6 weeks. What better way to learn how to build a website and develop your workflow then to follow along to this workshop. Be sure to bring your questions. Recordings will be made available.
  • A live monthly webinar on a topic that is chosen by the community and taught by me or a relevant expert
  • A Monthly Coaching Call. This is the heart of the program. Every month we’ll grab our mics and webcams and jump on Zoom to discuss what’s going on in our WordPress business. Even if your business doesn’t revolve around WP, you will still find this extremely valuable.
  • Private Facebook group. Ask any question you want and get help from myself and the greater community.
  • Training Snippets. These short, coffee break videos will show you how to implement an aspect of WordPress.
  • And a loyalty program. For every month you are a member, you will accumulate points that may be redeemed for products & services outside of the membership. These include additional workshops, coaching sessions and even website builds.

You may be thinking this sounds good, but you would like a little more information on the topics. I know I would! So let me give you some more details …

The WordPress Blueprints Program Workshop

Every now and then I will run workshops valued at up to $297. They generally go for 4 weeks.

This is a big one and goes for 6 entire weeks.

The good news. You get it as part of your membership.


Because building a website is a vital skill.

You may be good with the tech stuff like installing and configuring plugins, but being able to take on a website project is quite another skill.


This is where your missing profits lie. Don't just settle for doing maintenance and updates.

The workshop is broken down into 6 topics, one taught weekly:

  1. Website Setup and Configuration: We start with the nitty gritty such as hosting needs, domain names and how to setup a website easy and painlessly.
  2. Website Planning and Overall Strategy: Many clients and students I’ve tutored have gone in circles simply because they have missed this step. Get clarity on your own clients goals and requirements as well as their branding.
  3. Design and Content Strategy: The implementation of your design and quality of your content are two of the most important assets your website has. Neither you nor your clients can afford to mess this up.
  4. Blog Management: This is a service within itself. But it’s also important to manage it from the big picture as well.
  5. Optimisation and Maintenance: Did you know some local businesses pay up to $1k a month for such services. Keeping a website fine tuned and secure is an ongoing job.
  6. Marketing your new site: Build it and they will come is a myth. It’s important to find ways to get your message out and leverage WP to do so.

Each session will be recorded and uploaded to the members area along with checklists and worksheets to help strengthen the teachings.

Monthly Live Training Webinar

We run a monthly webinar via zoom.

This will be a training chosen by the community. In other words, YOU!

Choose any topic on WordPress, web design or business with WP.

Some topics in the pipeline include:

  • How to map out your homepage content
  • Web Design 101
  • Advanced WP Search Features
  • Setting up a custom blog page
  • The strategies behind caching

But you are free to vote on these!


Monthly Coaching Sessions

The heart and soul of every study group is getting together.

This is exactly what this coaching call is for. You meet with me and your fellow students to discuss your challenges and wins.

We will mastermind together to find solutions. No one gets left behind.

This coaching call is run once per month via zoom so bring your webcam and mic (if you wish).

All coaching calls are recorded and uploaded to the members only area.


Coffee Break Training Snippets

Ever need to work something out without having to go through an entire course or textbook?

That's why I created these mini trainings.

They are generally tech based and very focused on a step by step how to format.

We aim for up to 10mins per video.

So grab a cuppa and learn a new process.


Member Loyalty Program

Ever found yourself in a dead end membership that offered nothing fresh?

We promise that won't happen here. And while we don't feel you'll want to go, we look after those who are truly dedicated to staying.

Every month or so you will receive credit & discounts towards services and external products I offer.

No, these aren't found in the membership area. But staying in the membership will help you get them for free!

  • Such as complete websites
  • Independent Workshops
  • Help with your website
  • And More ...

So What's this Worth?

By now, you are probably asking what this is worth. After all, it's invaluable to have support, training and coaching.

You can ask anything you want in this group. It is safe and it's a great deal when you are struggling at it alone.

I'm not going to beat around the bush here, the price in only $47 per month.

However, as thanks to you for joining our very first student intake, I'm going to set the price as:

$37 per month

The doors are open now and will close again soon. I want to respect you as my charter members and limit the intake.

Here's a summary of what you'll get.

WP Study Group Membership

$37 per Month
  • The upcoming workshop valued at over $297
  • A live monthly webinar valued at $67 per month
  • A live interactive coaching call valued at $97 per month
  • A private Facebook group to get your questions answered valued at $197
  • A library of training snippets valued at $97+
  • A loyalty program which offers discounts and credits valued at $47+ per month
  • A value of over $800+

About Your Trainer

Hi, I'm Mark Hunter and I've been working with WordPress since 2009 and programming in web development since 2004. I feel this has made me a formidable problem solver.

But that didn't stop me from struggling to fit the pieces together in the beginning. Especially when it came to building websites. I would shine at choosing and working with plugins and maintenance but suck at finishing projects that involved complete website builds.

I stumbled upon a big piece of advice which is to create your own workflow. Choose your own tools and learn how to master them.

And I help others now come up with workflows that work for them.

Since my breakthrough I've been asked to speak online for organisations like VAVs and Best Quality PLR. I've also had the honour of creating the WordPress Foundations Course for VAClassroom.

"While it's tempting to dabble in a number of technologies. I highly advise you stick with, and master a few. Don't reinvent the wheel. Own the process.
~Mark Hunter.

Picture of Mark Hunter
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