When "Out of the Box" just doesn't cut it.

Sell more of your digital products with easy to use websites designed in a way your members will love

WordPress Web Design & Programming Services specialising in Marketing Funnels & Membership Sites

My Services at a Glance

Web Design

Website Setup + Custom designed pages for your WordPress Installation. I take your vision and bring your project to life visually. Learn more about my web design services here.

Website Maintenance

A website is like a garden. If you neglect it, digital weeds take over sometimes resulting in an expensive redesign. My maintenance services ensure things are updated, backed up and monitored every week. Learn more about these plans here.

Web Development Services

Programming & Customisations For Your WordPress Website. When out of the box WordPress just doesn’t do. Also includes high level tech services like server configurations etc. Learn more about my freelance web development services here.

About Mark Hunter

In short, I am an Australian Web Developer & WordPress consultant. I believe in taking action. In doing. Not just thinking.

I like to specialise in membership sites built on WordPress. I have a firm grasp of digital marketing but I prefer to build the roads that will take you there then get caught up in the endless strategies.

I’m available for both project based work and retainer based work to bring your ideas to life. You can learn more about me here.


Mark is not only familiar with the many addons for the growing WordPress Ecosystem, his insights into how WordPress works from a coding perspective makes him an invaluable problem solver.

Kat Birkett, Oceans Edge Business Services.

Who I Love Working With


Selling a signature course online? I am passionate about the digital course creation industry. But I totally get the fear of making the wrong choice in your tech stack and having to re-assess and start over again.

My number one passion is helping people choose the right tech stack for them, set it up and create modules to offset weaknesses in that tech stack. Because let’s face it, each stack has both its strengths and it’s shortcomings.

Who ELSE I Love Working With


I love the creative process. As a programmer I’m able to craft modules to extend functionality of existing plugins or create unique user experiences through web design.

Some of the folks I’ve worked for include service providers wanting a basic site to promote their expertise up to full fledged ecommerce websites that support complex shipping formulas. Check out my portfolio here.

Looking for Help or Advice For Your Next Web Project

From choosing the right tech stack, to determining the steps involved in a re-design and everything in between, let’s chat it out and find a solution that suits you.

Nice Words From Our Past Clients

Mark was my go to person when I recently had a complicated revamp of my WordPress redesign to attend to. His extensive knowledge in the underworld side of WordPress definitely was a deciding factor for me on who to get for this project to solve with the solutions I required.
Tawnya Sutherland
Founder of VA Networking
Mark has an aptitude for technical details in WordPress and website management. Over the last 6 years, Mark has generously and patiently helped me with a range of queries, from tweaking the display of blog post titles to recovery from hacked WordPress sites.
Fern Chang
Mobile Technology Project Manager