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We create easy-to-use websites for the eLearning industry

If you are looking for a real marketing website  that you can update and edit without calling your web designer at 2am in the morning, we’re your guys!

Setting You Free!

You may or may not have noticed the number of business owners like you who scrap their website after 3 years because it was just too hard to update.

Our team thoroughly gets the importance of having control over your website. After all, you paid for the site. It should be yours.

Don’t abandon your training program or leave your intellectual property the best kept secret just because the whole online thing is too complicated

Let us help. We are taking a stand against complication and hostage held websites.

Now let’s see how we can help.

How can we help you?

We have quite a few web design options if you are looking to build your eLearning business. From design and marketing  to custom development – you get to decide.

Promotional Website

When prospects come looking to learn more about you, show them who you really are with a clear yet concise website. Our websites enable you to show up on your terms when purchase-ready-leads find you through Google Search; or see your posts on social media.

Marketing Funnel

Many of our clients had previously become disillusioned by the cost of advertising until they realised the power of funnels. Funnels are simply a set of uber focused pages that hold the attention of a targeted visitor by avoiding onpage distractions. We help our clients build those pages, refine their sales copy and even implement strategies for instant monetization to offset ad costs!

Training Website

We pride our training platforms / membership sites on being well documented and easy to use. We totally understand how frustrating it can be to have a system that is rigid and out of the box, or even worse, a customised solution that is hard to use with no developer support. Let us help you build something that suits your learners and be part of your ongoing journey!

Why Choose Mark Of Approval Web & Marketing?

Regain control of your eLearning Website

Easily Update your Website or Course Delivery Platform. We do not hold you hostage to outlandish customizations that take a rocket scientist to decode.


Breathtaking designs crafted to support low tech learners

We are experienced in UXI – that means making websites easy for your students, members and visitors without sacrificing your “silky” aesthetics.


Marketing and copy flows built on industry best practices

Yes, we focus on tech but we are also very savvy when it comes to marketing. So when you work with us, you will have marketing ready assets based on a balance of design, copy and layout. In short we’ll put our best foot forward in getting your website to convert into leads, sales and clients.


Business Solutions Academy

Featured Client Portfolio

Some screenshots of Marie Mason’s Membership for her business academy.


I am astounded at Mark’s talent for web design and php programming. He has rebuilt my membership website from the ground up, keeping the bones of the design in tact whilst improving all aspects which either did not look good or were difficult for the user.

It is rare to find a programmer who can put himself in the users shoes including the website owner as well as the owner’s customers. He designs solutions which are empowering and easy to update. He has streamlined the back end and simplified all complexities. He is an expert in membership sites, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, online training portals and automation.

He is easy to work with and really cares about delivering a high quality product. I could not recommend him highly enough. Thanks Mark.
Angela De Palma

Who We Love Working With

Training and Certification Organisations

If you are selling training to professionals in the form of continuing education points or professional development units, we can help you put your best foot forward with an authority website that promotes, sells and delivers your training.

Personal Brands, Consultants & Coaches

The knowledge based market has become quite saturated in the past 10 years. We can help cut through that noise by leveraging advertising and affiliations so you can finally get the clients you want and give your gift to the world.

Members Associations with a Good Cause

We love helping empowering associations, charities and organisations who promote unity. If you are involved in such a movement and you want to bring people together into a harmonious digital community then let’s book a discussion.

Meet Our Leadership

Mark Hunter Web Developer

Mark Hunter

Founder and Web Developer
Mark is the owner of Mark of Approval Web & Marketing as well as a PHP Developer with over 20 years of programmning experience. He now focuses on building marketing systems by creating custom WordPress functionality; enabling both his clients and their learners with a unique and fresh experience.
Kris Calixton Project Manager

Kris Calixton

Project Manager
Kris Calixton is a serial entrepreneur who has crafted many successful businesses in her home town of Cagayan De Oro in the Philippines. One of her biggest success stories was a a large co working space, that not only served as her HQ for her own Design Agency, but also empowered students with a place to study after school.

Ready to sell more of your training?

Then book a 20min insight call with one of our team members and let’s see if this is something we can help you with.

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