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Welcome to Mark of Approval Web & Marketing

We are a digital agency with a focus on collaboration through giving our clients more self autonomy. We defy the notion of borders working internationally with clients and contractors. Learn more about who we are and what makes us tick on this page.

Who Are We

We know the importance of eLearning in today’s changing digital era. MOA (our company abbreviation) is all about empowering, giving back and supporting ideas with the tech needed to get it out to the world.

What We Believe

What We Do

Founder of MOA

About Mark Hunter

Brisbane, Australia

Mark is the founder of M.O.A and has a keen interest in innovation, going against the grain and building a more inclusive, ambitious world alongside others who share this vision.

His super power lies in his ability to see problems from many angles and find solutions that others may not have even considered. He is a highly skilled PHP programmer and full stack developer. He can create custom functionality for projects that want to try something “out of the box”.

Our Highly Skilled Contractors

Meet the Team

We believe in sourcing contractors from a combination of countries based on skills, passions and ambitions. We have a fair work and pay policy meaning we do not hire anybody full time or pay rock bottom hourly rates.

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Kathleen Birkett

Operations Management

As a passionate digital entrepreneur, I work closely with innovative online businesses to boost their performance and reach. My aim is to help my clients navigate the digital world with ease, guiding them toward outstanding achievements and establishing myself as a trusted expert in expanding digital presence.

Driven by a love for technology and constant innovation, my career is about embracing and using the latest digital trends to foster growth and streamline operations. My expertise includes strategic planning, enhancing customer experiences, proficient administration, and effective project management.

I’ve developed a diverse skill set over the years, excelling in web design, content creation, and project execution, always with a focus on organization and detail. I’m also committed to mentoring new entrepreneurs, helping them bring their online visions to life.

A highlight of my career has been serving on the Board of Directors for two local nonprofits. In one case, I led the launch of a successful school salad bar program (still in use today) demonstrating my dedication to community initiatives.

When I’m not working, I enjoy listening to audiobooks, connecting with friends globally, engaging in meaningful conversations, and gardening.

Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

Kris Calixton

Project Manager & Business Analyst

Kris is a business development strategist from the Philippines having helped multiple businesses across the globe. She has worked for companies in the United States, Australia, Poland and Canada to name a few.

She has a personal mission to ensure LGBT+ youth in the Philippines are heard and given a voice. Her super powers lie in her ability to scout opportunities for growing businesses while organising their existing internal systems.

Kris current helps us keep our systems streamlined and organised through her coveted project management skills.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Mark Hunter

Web Development

Goa, India

Gauresh Sattarkar

Media and Video Editing

Gauresh Sattarkar is an award winning journalist from South Goa in India. His skills and charisma are fueled by his passion to share the beauty of India while keeping the bureaucrats honest.

With a heart for the struggling and a voice for the voiceless, he’s on a mission to shine a spotlight on the stories that need to be heard. From the crazily busy streets of India to the discrete corridors of power, Gauresh is there, demanding justice and accountability.

He dreams of a world where there is no room for division or bullying. Where the perpetual memories the caste system are but a whisper and India is united regardless of religion or wealth. He’s not just reporting news; he’s shaping the future while capturing the beauty of the past.

His impromptu presentations are known for captivating audiences with charisma and energy while delivering every important message with a powerful punch.

And his talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. Gauresh has been honored with multiple awards for his outstanding journalism, earning recognition as the Best Journalist in South Goa year after year. But for Gauresh, it’s not about the accolades—it’s about making a difference. And he now brings his superior video skills to us here at MOA.

Bangalore, India

Krunal Tailor

Client Care & Administration

Krunal Tailor shines a beacon of positivity and compassion within Bangalore’s diverse community. As an advocate for the LGBT community, Krunal’s mission is to foster love, acceptance, and understanding wherever he goes.

This is an important mission for him given the level of discrimination India’s gay, lesbian and transgender communities still face today. But his  contribution extends beyond just this advocacy. Krunal assists with initiates that serve, feed and comfort the hungry children who have been displaced onto the streets of Bangalore.

For Krunal, giving back to his community is not just a choice—it’s a calling. In a chaotic world, Krunal remains filled with hope and empathy for humanity.

And now, Krunal shares his unique empathy and understanding with our team. As a dedicated customer care representative, he goes the extra mile to ensure that every interaction is filled with warmth and genuine care. With Krunal, you’re not just a client—you’re family.

Virginia, United Sates

Marie Mason

Acquisition of Strategic Partnerships

Marie is the proud founder of Business Solutions Academy where she coaches women who are struggling to build their business.

Marie is a huge advocate for cognitively challenged entrepreneurs who don’t think or process information in the way that society expects them to. She is also the author of the Bubble Bear Series where each book showcases a fictional character with a learning disability and how they turn that disability into a super power.

Her superpower lies in her ability to pull ideas from people’s heads and turn them into clear, actionable goals. She has had years of experience in managing offline businesses and 5 years in working digitally.

Cape Town, South Africa

Heidi Schutter

Graphic Design & Strategic Partnership

Heidi brings a wealth of experience in administrative services, ranging from strictly branded document creation to spellbinding graphic concepts. Beyond her professional expertise, she is a powerful business consultant and has played a crucial role in nurturing local startups in South Africa.

While Heidi’s work has evolved beyond direct collaborations with government entities, her commitment to fostering equality across race, gender, and opportunity has gained international attention. She specialises in delivering quality services to NGOs through her own digital agency. And now we are luck to have her own our team.

Heidi is not just a consultant for the NGOs but an active participant. This powerhouse owns her own charity and runs campaigns to combat gender based violence and period poverty throughout Africa with dignity and modesty.

Heidi’s laugh is thunderous, booming and BIG but her heart is bigger and we all love and confide in Heidi. She is not just a consultant to us, she is our Aunty Heidi.

Salvador, Brazil

Matheus Menezes

Social Media

Matheus possesses a genuine passion for crafting vibrant videos that bring the culinary wonders of Salvador to the world. And his unique talent lies in seamlessly capturing captivating footage, eliminating the need for extensive editing.

His engaging uploads on Instagram, combined with the use of Instagram’s “Original Audio” feature, have elevated him to a prominent position among local cafes, often earning him complimentary meals.

Matheus is not only a highly skilled social media marketer but also a creative thinker with a desire to make a positive impact on the world. To him, photography and videography are more than just a set of skills; they serve as powerful tools for storytelling. Whether he’s exploring the colorful streets of Rio or immersing himself in the culinary delights of Bahia, Matheus makes sure every moment is documented with passion and authenticity.

An interesting tidbit about Matheus is his background in gastronomy and the study of gut health. So, it was with enthusiasm and anticipation, that we welcomed Matheus to the team knowing that our social media campaigns are in good hands.

Brisbane, Australia

Elton Santos

Web Development

Pretoria, South Africa

Aida Dias

Outreach & Strategic Partnership

Our Clients

We’ve had the privelege of being part of our client’s journey. Here are some impactful projects we have been involved with.

She Simply Impacts is a new association for women all around the world. Unlike many women networking groups, the purpose is to provide a support system through a community of volunteers to build a better future for women.

Angela De Palma, the founder, is dedicated to running events multiple times of the day so that women always have a place to come and feel safe as they grow into their own light.

Match of my dreams helps professional American men find love again. The founder, Kolline Lee, has been proactively reaching out and getting featured in the media as San Francisco’s finest Match Maker.

We had the extreme pleasure of building her a gorgeous website fit for a queen. As with all our clients, we continue to support her on her journey to empower men at having a second and safe chance at love.

Words from some of our contractors

I have been working with Mark as a VA-Writer for over 5 years now. I must say that we are a lucky bunch to be a part of Mark's team. He is an expert coach in branding, WP, and digital marketing but remains very generous and humble. He encourages and supports the growth of his team members which is extremely rare in an expert in his field. He is my mentor in content marketing and branding which is truly empowering! I have had successful results from his guidance. Thanks so much Mark!
Marian Roncesvalles
CEO, Virtual Marian

Awards and Recognitions

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