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Welcome to Mark of Approval Web & Marketing

We are a digital agency with a focus on collaboration through giving our clients more self autonomy. We defy the notion of borders working internationally with clients and contractors. Learn more about who we are and what makes us tick on this page.

Who Are We

We know the importance of eLearning in today’s changing digital era. MOA (our company abbreviation) is all about empowering, giving back and supporting ideas with the tech needed to get it out to the world.

What We Believe

What We Do

Our Highly Skilled Contractors

Meet the Team

Mark Hunter

Founder & Web Developer

Kris Calixton

Project Manager & Business Analyst

Jan Miscala

Team Leader & Web Designer

Manilyn Koh

Graphic Designer & Visual Branding

Marian Roncesvalles

Copywriter & Content Strategist

Our Clients

We’ve had the privelege of being part of our client’s journey. Here are some impactful projects we have been involved with.

Global shifts is an organisation that works to create unity in a world that is currently fractured and uptight. This is done through learning how to understand others (and yourself) and how differences in natural processes, culture, life experience and education makes you who you are.

Global shifts is all about empowering. And they do so by telling you what is right with you and giving you the tools to work to your strength in many aspects of life, business and learning.

She Simply Impacts is a new association for women all around the world. Unlike many women networking groups, the purpose is to provide a support system through a community of volunteers to build a better future for women.

Angela De Palma, the founder, is dedicated to running events multiple times of the day so that women always have a place to come and feel safe as they grow into their own light.

Match of my dreams helps professional American men find love again. The founder, Kolline Lee, has been proactively reaching out and getting featured in the media as San Francisco’s finest Match Maker.

We had the extreme pleasure of building her a gorgeous website fit for a queen. As with all our clients, we continue to support her on her journey to empower men at having a second and safe chance at love.

Serving the Globe

Meet Our International Partners

Marie Mason

United States

Heidi Schutter

South Africa

Our Team Member Says

I have been working with Mark as a VA-Writer for over 5 years now. I must say that we are a lucky bunch to be a part of Mark's team. He is an expert coach in branding, WP, and digital marketing but remains very generous and humble. He encourages and supports the growth of his team members which is extremely rare in an expert in his field. He is my mentor in content marketing and branding which is truly empowering! I have had successful results from his guidance. Thanks so much Mark!
Marian Roncesvalles
CEO, Virtual Marian
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