Types Of Services I Offer

Web Design

Your Website Construction Worker

Web Maintenance

Your Website Groundskeeper

Code & Server Support

Your Pocket Ready Virtual Web Developer

Website Design Services
Web Design

If you are looking to have a beautiful website built, that not only looks pretty, but also shifts the needle of your business forward; then you are in the right place.

A website is an important mark of your brand on the internet. But a website need not be a big expense up front investment, and probably shouldn’t until you are fully ready.

You may just choose to get started with one of our starter websites, and revisit me again for additional help on taking it further.

Website builds are almost always offered as a project based type of work.

The precise cost of your website will depend on your exact requirements. The same goes for the time it takes to completion. You can learn more about the estimates in the “How I Work” here.

Website Maintenance Plans
Web Maintenance

We both know that creating a website and letting it sit pretty is a complete waste of time not to mention a security risk.

Like a garden, it needs weeding, and if you leave it without care, all your good work could be undone – or worse yet need redoing.

Fortunately, we also have you covered with our website care plan packages. We have monthly plans to suit different budgets.

Note I offer these as packages. That means you choose the price you want to pay every month and we deliver that standard set of services to keep your site healthy.

You can learn more about what we do and what is included here.

“Mark Hunter of Mark of Approval Web & Marketing is not only an accomplished website developer, but, because of his extensive computer programming background, he can problem-solve the most unsolvable website issues. Mark has proven to be an invaluable resource in my and my client’s businesses. A true professional, with a good sense of humor and humility.”

~Karen K., Founder – Lotus Business Resources.

Programming Web Development Services
Web Development

An out of the box WordPress setup rarely cuts it. But there are some other times where even with the appropriate plugins, you still don’t have a full fledged functionality you need.

This is where my Web Development and coding services come in handy.

I typically charge on a retainer rate as many of my clients want to make tweaks without committing to a “plugin development” project. However both are an option.

This service is also one you may consider if you need ongoing server support, advanced security and performance audits or to set up CDNs like Cloudflare or Stackpath to reduce latency around the world.

You can learn more about “how I work” here.

Hybrid Services

Sometimes your needs for one of the above services will not fit into a single box. For example, you might want to build a web application that involves both a beautifully designed interface (Web Design) combined with advanced and bespoke functionality (Web Development).

In this case, please feel free to contact me on your needs and we’ll see if this is something we can work together to achieve.

Looking for Help or Advice For Your Next Web Project

From choosing the right tech stack, to determining the steps involved in a re-design and everything in between, let’s chat it out and find a solution that suits you.