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Custom Made Membership Websites Without The Confusion

Tired of DIY Solutions? Do you want a robust system that is fully under your control BUT also done for you? That’s why we created this “Web Design & Membership Package” for you; concentrate on productising your knowledge and teaching your courses.

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Residual & Recurring Income

This is what people most likely associate with membership sites. You get paid month after month to train in a group setting. Our sites allow for you to choose a variety of membership options from fixed to infinite and even sell products on the backend.

Expert Status

People get to see you as an industry leader. This is especially true if you have loads of personalised teaching videos in your library. And even having guest interviewees can rub off on you too. Our sites lock down the Memberships to ensure total privacy and community of those inside.

Increase Value of Backend Services

One less known factor of creating a membership site is that it can actually increase the value of your coaching and other services not included in the membership itself. For example, you could easily teach on how to create WP sites then charge a higher rate if they ask you to do it for them.

But Why WP?

WordPress has been criticised and applauded but it’s still a very stable system. You get to keep total ownership of your content and move it whenever you want. Plus it really helps keep all processes in one place and provides an exit strategy down the track.


We are really proud of our membership systems and use them in our own business at WP Study Group. Our product is built on a blend of reliable industry preferred plugins plus some custom coding love.

Build On The Strength of WP

We build our membership sites on the power of WP which gives us a very fine degree of control as to what you can do. Not only that, you’ll find no shortages of Virtual Assistants familiar with this platform to make tweaks and changes.

Beautifully Designed Ecosystem

Each website includes a unique branded design. Wow your customers not just with a clean and fresh look but also a great user experience. We have a set standard for navigation and placement making it easier for your students to find things.

Top Notch Page Building Tools

Each site comes with state of the art page buiding tools to allow you to manipulate and build beautiful pages for your members. Plus we give you a big head start by creating the designing the essential pages for you. You’ll need only edit them. We also offer landing page designs to capture leads.

Simple Membership Lock Down System

While it’s true that every membership site has a lock down feature to protect content, we believe our system is among the most simplest to lock down content. You can protect content on a recurring basis or for once off purchases.

Integrated Affiliate Platform

Launching a membership site to the sound of crickets is never fun. That’s why our pro plan has an affiliate platform baked into it. Recruit your peers to help promote your courses, set the commissions they earn for individual products or recurring charges.

Various Secure Payment Options

There is no shortage of payment gateways out there. We offer you ample options so your members can pay with Credit Card or PayPal. If you get your hosting through us, you can rest assured you have a safe customer purchasing experience.

Access to New Code Snippets and Updates

We have developer rights to the plugins and will install the keys on your system so long as you remain on one of our update plans. This also includes code snippets we create to enhance the experience of your members.

Behind the Scenes Look...

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Start Earning Residual Recurring Income

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Our Process

We have a solid process but that doesn’t mean each site is a cookie cutter site. We customise the design to your brand and work within a set timeline.


We determine the pages you want and make a plan to gather the materials from you. We aim for a 4 Week Turnaround with up to 3 weekly consultations (4 on the pro plan). It helps keep all parties on track and obtain appropriate material.


The final design takes shape and, at this stage, the idea comes to life representing the visual concepts. Our creative development team reviews and revises the materials so it aligns with your goals.


Review and testing takes place, which ensures the quality of your project. We value your reputation and want to make sure it is correct. After this, we present your finished custom project and upon approval, your new website will be launched and promoted.


We’ll walk you through how to use the site, answer any questions you have and provide you with training videos.

Option for ongoing support

We offer addon service packs (monthly or yearly) to help keep your membership on track and take care of the *updates.

*Please note even without a service plan, you’ll be able to access software updates for a year. Your site will still function without updates capability but is not recommended foregoing them.

Some of our latest projects

WP Study Group

This is my very own membership website built with our digital membership components and unique coded integrations. Exciting new tweaks and solutions are also shown here. The site was recently moved outside of Mark Of Approval’s own site so it could stand on its own. It currently has a small yet highly engaged number of members.

Happiness In Love

Happiness In Love is a membership website owned by an established coach and teacher of online dating and romance. We are in the launch stage at present and this website is an example of one using our membership components and unique integrations. Exciting new features are shown on this project, with some functionality all its own..

Outback Adventures Camping Stores

Outback Adventures Camping Mega Store is a local client of ours that came to us requesting a modern e-commerce website that would actually calculate shipping rates with ease. We were able to deliver and the site successfully sells camping equipment online using various payment options. This is one of our heavier duty sites.

Tsquared Bike Co

A relatively new shop with long term experience within the BMX industry. This site was crafted as an ecommerce solution to help take Tsquared online and extend its reach. A very down to earth design with simple but powerful functionality. It is owned by the family of world champion BMX rider, Thomas Tucker.

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Why Our Solution

With so many different options for membership sites out there, you may be wondering why you should choose us. Let us explain:

No Lock In Contracts

Third party sites often get you locked into a recurring payment because you’ll lose access to your content if you cancel. Our product is built on the power of WP, and while it’s true there are updates; foregoing your ability to update does not impact the functionality of your site at the present point in time.

Top Notch Hosting

We highly recommend you grab a hosting plan and bundle it with your membership site. Our host is WordPress Managed so offers WP specific perks like performance, security and compatibility. As long as you host with us, you’ll have complimentary access to updates too!

A Referral System of Our Own

MOA has a referral system on these websites available by request for all customers. You get to earn 20% commissions if you refer a project to one of your colleagues. And they’ll thank you for it too!

support just when you need it

MOA and its team has over 30 years of collective experience in web dev and marketing. We are here if you have any questions needing answered. We also provide training for all clients (including their own VAs) to use our simple solution.


WordPress plugins can get quite costly but we have packaged the best of them together so you don’t have to pay individually yearly fees for them. In fact, with your own custom design and done for you assistance; you’ll get value far beyond the plugin price.


You and up to 4 of your VAs will be invited to our own membership site “WP Study Group” for a complimentary yearly pass. We have an awesome community there and discuss WordPress tips and tricks as well as business strategies. We personally get on a fortnightly group call and answers your questions.

Small Wins from an e-commerce website coach


MOA is proudly owned and operated by Mark Hunter.

Both Mark and his team have been in the web dev industry since 2004 and in the marketing industry since 2009.

The team at MOA collectively realised the need for businesses to have sustainable & recurring income as well as an easy solution for acquiring it. Technology is a blessing and should not be a hurdle.

Mark and his team are passionate about teaching but also working in the trenches. So it made sense to produce websites that help people get their message out online and productise their services.

Now MOA wishes to help you find the right tools and strategies to turn your knowledge and experience into real life income.

What others are saying about us

“ Mark has an aptitude for technical details in WordPress and website management. Over the last 6 years, Mark has generously and patiently helped me with a range of queries, from tweaking the display of blog post titles to recovery from hacked WordPress sites. If you are looking for WordPress advice that works, look no further. I would highly recommend Mark Hunter as the go-to WordPress consultant. “

Fern Chang, Project Manager

“ Mark was my go to person when I recently had a complicated revamp of my WordPress redesign to attend to. His extensive knowledge in the underworld side of WordPress definitely was a deciding factor for me on who to get for this project to solve the solutions I required. “

Tawnya Sutherland, Founder of VA Networking

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