How I Work

I work either on a retainer basis or via a scoped project structure. You may also find packages for my services. Please see below for a list of details on each approach.

Retainer Based Work

A retainer involves purchasing a block of hours from me on a monthly basis (with no mandatory ongoing commitment).

The most common retainers I offer are 5, 10 or 20 hourly.

I also have an option to pay as you go for smaller tasks.

Things you need to know about my retainers:

  • Every billable hour is charged at $100 AUD (or $75 USD)
  • I charge in 1min increments – excepting for emergency tasks or rush jobs
  • I will charge in 5min increments only when the task is deemed an emergency task that must be resolved within 24hrs from assignment
  • You may receive a discount for retainers purchased in bulk, however they do have an expiry date – I may at my discretion roll them over. This is done to protect my schedule so I can accommodate all my clients’ and their tasks.
  • Retainers expire based on the package from date of purchase
  • Available Mon – Fri (8am AEST to 7pm AEST; Queensland, Australia)
  • That’s 6pm ET to 5am ET. (New York time after March 14th)
  • Can be contacted by email or messenger / Skype during these times
  • Will notify you of your usage so you can keep your finger on the pulse
  • If I feel you are not making the best use of your retainer, I’ll suggest ways to use up your hours prior to expiry.
Agreeing on a retainer

Project Based Work

Projects refer to a scope of service that is evaluated prior to giving the quote. It is a form of agreement between you and myself that we do this work for this price.

Naturally any additional work must be discussed just as I would discuss the increase in price if we were to add these extra components.

Projects are great for:

  • Web Design and building a bespoke branded site
  • Development of a WordPress plugin that has a clear objective and thorough consideration of features
  • A custom WordPress application that includes the construction and design of the website, installation of appropriate plugins (including premium plugins) and programming to extend existing functionality as part of this particular project

Please also note that projects may incur an additional recurring yearly free if I use my own developer tools. Tools that I pay for myself every year and pass on a small fraction of the cost to you.

Please also note you are free to use your own license to avoid yearly fees owing to me but the yearly fees are waived if you opt for a monthly maintenance / care plan.

Are we a fit?


If you are looking to have a website completed from start to finish and are willing to either provide the content and input in a timely manner OR have us to it for you; you are a fit.

If you need a premium developer to create and implement changes, we are a fit.


If you are unwilling to at least listen to suggestions and want to control the process from start to finish, we are not a good fit.

If you want to keep assigning last minute work that needs to be done yesterday, we are certainly not a fit.

Looking for Help or Advice For Your Next Web Project

From choosing the right tech stack, to determining the steps involved in a re-design and everything in between, let’s chat it out and find a solution that suits you.