Pricing & Frequently Asked Questions


Let me first acknowledge that all prices are in Australian Dollars unless otherwise stated. Australian dollars is slightly less than the US dollar meaning the cost will usually be around 25% less than the face value cost as of March 2021. Now with that out the way…

It’s hard to give a single set price as much of my work is customised according to your needs. But I will give you some rules of averages.

My retainers are priced at $100 AUD or $75 USD with discounts for time bought in bulk.

Pay later options will attract a higher fee due to the uncertainty.

Standard Website Projects are priced between $1000 and $3000. This of course depends on the scope.

Projects that demand custom functionality including programming work and advanced integrations strategy are priced between $3000 and $6000.

Simple website projects (get up and running quickly) are priced between $600 and $900. These include limited marketing components but can be extended and upgraded later.

Next Steps…

If you have a project or techy need you think I can help with, contact me at or use the contact form. We can set up a short 20min meeting if required to go over any questions.

If you are ready to choose a retainer package, let me know which one you choose, and I’ll invoice you via PayPal for the appropriate period.

Looking for Help or Advice For Your Next Web Project

From choosing the right tech stack, to determining the steps involved in a re-design and everything in between, let’s chat it out and find a solution that suits you.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose you?

Whoever you go with is your decision, but I will share a little bit about what I feel makes me a good fit for the Website Design and Development Industry.

I started off programming for the web in 2004, so I have a long history. While a programmer isn’t always required, it’s definitely a benefit to know how things work under the hood when technical problems arise. At present I am a freelancer with the occasional access to hired help for projects. Therefore, I am your direct point of contact.

When you build me a website, is that it?

Not at all. I stand by my work for 30 days after launch to iron out any bugs plus I highly encourage you to get on a “Website Healthcare Plan”.

Are you hiring?

Occasionally, I’ll use trusted contractors for project based work. But mostly I’m a one man band.

I do not hire employees only contractors. If you are looking for a 40hr a week opportunity, this is not it.

Still, if you’re interested in discussing becoming a subcontractor, drop me a line.

How long does it take to build a website?

All of this depends on the scope of the project. We offer a simple, entry level website with mostly visual branding and  basic marketing features to get you going. This takes about 10 days.

For more involved projects, the timeline could be from 4 to 6 weeks for a standard promotional website build, to 6+ weeks for a project with custom coding & development.

Can I request changes as we go?

I encourage you to work with me to agree on a plan close to the beginning. Changes can extend the length of a project unnecessarily and are better suited as an add-on task later. If you feel they are business critical, we can reassess at the time.

What services are within scope for your retainers?

I highly suggest making the most use of your retainer by throwing me the high tech work. Here are some of the things within scope:

Will I be locked into a contract?

Contracts can be pretty scary things. Here is the simple breakdown of what you need to know:

  • If you are on a retainer, you may cancel anytime before the next bill date
  • If you are choosing to “pay as you go” I can only allow this for up to 2hrs of work then I will send an invoice. I will not deliver any further work until this invoice is paid.
  • Projects attract a 25% deposit due within the first week of starting work. The remaining payments will be discussed during the proposal phase.
  • Projects will be worked on from my development servers. They will be fully delivered and deployed upon the final payment.
  • If you exhaust your budget prior to finishing a project, we may compromise to deliver a partial project or extend the date. In either case, no developer licensing will be issued for tools provided under this circumstance.
  • Packaged services must be paid for in advance.
  • If I am unable to deliver on my end (due to illness), I will issue a refund.

What is a developer license?

Some of my preferred workflows require me to use developer tools or plugins. I have to pay yearly for access to these tools and as a developer, I usually get x amount of licenses for $x per year.

I will pass on one flat yearly cost to you every year to help me cover the ongoing cost of all these tools. This cost is generally in the range of $95 – $195 USD.

This fee will be waived if you are already subscribed to one of our packaged care / maintenance plans.

Do projects expire if not completed by the due date?

Each project will have a different timeline. But we also want to acknowledge that some time lines go over for various reasons.

In our agreement, we will discuss a fair leeway for the timeline that will not leave either one of us scrambling to rearrange our schedule down the line especially if there is a long break in the project.

What’s the difference between a Packaged Service and a Project?

A packaged service, like a maintenance plan, is a set of action steps taken (or deliverables provided) that is the same for every single client.

Conversely, a project is a very customised set of tasks and milestones for a much larger scope of work, agreed upon by you and myself.

Do you use contracts or sign NDAs?

Short answer no.

For a scoped project, I will supply a list of deliverables and inputs required by us both as well as price and timeline.

If you agree to this, then take a copy of that proposal and scope.

If you want to sign something, that is totally up to you. I personally do not see the value in long, drawn out scary contracts that go over 20 pages.

I do not sign NDAs and any type of contract that can put me at a legal risk. As a consultant, I hear a lot of ideas, and frankly I don’t even remember half of them. I really don’t want to be at a legal risk for hearing two plans that are alike and being put in an awkward situation both professionally and legally.

If you are so good, why don’t you charge to $10k Website fee?

While it’s possible that some advanced retainers and ongoing projects may have a combined yearly value of $10k, I do not charge the 10k “sweet spot” for one major reason.

I am offering purely tech related services at this stage. I am not offering marketing services to go with the overall project.

I do not intend to spread myself thin nor promise something that is harder to guarantee results on.

That is not to say I won’t take on a more firm marketing position in the future, but as of now I am willing to offer advice or work in with your marketing team; but not be the one to executive and deliver on these marketing services.

Do you offer any additional marketing services to go alongside this?

Mostly no. I will assist with offering advice on a strategy but I really want to focus on the tech side of things.

Some things I will help with as per your request include visual branding, structuring content strategically and positioning your tech tools so they will work well with your chosen marketing plan.

The things I will not do include SEO (excepting for structural SEO of the website), run advertising campaigns to the website, or do outreach (unless I am working in tandem with an expert in that field).