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10 Tips for Growing Your Authority

Do you want to be an authority in your specific field? If so, then there’s no better time to start growing your authority than today.

But how does one do that with all the noise out there?

In today’s little tips quick start, we are going to go through a few methods you can deploy to build authority in your area of expertise.

Why is Authority an Important piece in Growing Your Online Business?

People buy from those they know, like and trust. I’m sure you’ve heard this old adage before. But getting people to know, like and trust you is an art of its own.

When was the last time you bought a product without knowing anything about the vendor, without being referred or without reviewing it first?

Of course, there are occasions when people do this, but the higher the price tag, the more likely you are to spend some time authenticating the source.

Secondly, people tend to favour specialists. Whether you are hiring a Virtual Assistant to take a load off of your social media overhead, or learning from a guru how to run better Facebook ads; you’ll want to have somebody who is a social media marketing specialist.

The more specific they are, the more likely you’ll want to use their product or service. I could get similar value from a broad marketing generalist, but specialists always have that focus.

And finally, people tend to have an implicit trust in those who stay at the forefront of their minds, who appear in the media and pop up time and time again.

Building authority is about all this.

It helps you appear at the front of people’s minds, let’s them see you know your stuff and builds that implicit trust.

Being an authority means more persuasive power and better money making capabilities.

Now let’s look at some of the ways you, too, can paint yourself as a specialist.

Tips for Building Authority

Tip 1: BE sure to network regularly and often. Go to networking events and make yourself known. Take genuine interest in what others are doing, don’t just blab about yourself.

Bonus Tip: Go to the same networking events as opposed to a new one each week. Doing so will see you become known at that event, as a regular, to the regulars.

Tip 2: GO that extra mile to help people. Personally, I love WordPress so much that I’d do it whether I was getting paid or not. I’m not saying it’s always a good idea to do things for free, but just helping out and being likable will go a long way to building authority.

Caveat: Don’t let people take advantage of you. Be sure to be helpful, but have boundaries and push the relationship into a paid ascension, or have an exit strategy if they are time consumers.

Tip 3: ALLOW yourself time to write and publish a book. I’ve seen many make excuses – myself included – for not writing. But did you know the best way to build credibility and trust is by becoming an author? Now you do not have to be Stephen King, just a small self published book can even suffice.

Tip 4: START a Blog. This is the perfect way to showcase what knowledge your have ahead of time. It immediately adds value first, and people are more likely to sign up to your list or even buy your products because they will come to know you, like your style and trust your judgment. Just be sure to blog regularly and, if you are building a brand, consider hiring others to write for you.

Tip 5: CREATE your own Podcast. If creating a blog is great, then imagine the impact of a podcast. I think it is great because it’s akin to having your own radio station, and people get to hear your voice and connect with you. More so, you’ll get an extended reach because you can place your session on iTunes.

Tip 6: BE the speaker at an event. Although it requires a lot more effort, presenting in front of a live audience on stage is one of the most powerful ways to get recognition and build that authority. There is something credible about being in physical reach of an influencer or speaker.

Tip 7: CREATE your own community. Many marketers, who have a high profile, will create personal groups on Facebook or even their own forums. Doing so gives the VIP treatment to members. But, if you are just starting out, it can still be a great place to build a presence to a select group of people. And hopefully they’ll spread the word about it.

Tip 8: TRY hosting your own webinar. Webinars are extremely powerful sales tools, but they don’t always need to be about selling. People will get to hear your voice and your story when you are on a webinar and you’ll connect with the right audience.

Warning: If you are going to do a webinar, try and make it engaging or the audience will see if as self-centered and that can be a real turn off.

Bonus Tip: Consider using Google Hangouts where you can have your face live to the camera. This will build massive trust and connection. But if you find it too daunting, don’t do it. It can also backfire if you are nervous.

Tip 9: TRY partnering with others to expand your reach. As humans, we were never made to be self sufficient. And acting like you are can be seen as pretentious. Ensure you get the help and network with other high profilers. The added bonus is, it will rub off on you. It will not take away from your efforts.

Tip 10: NEVER hold back on what you know. Being generous with your knowledge is important in building likability and trust. The truth of the matter is, people will still need you because that knowledge is best applied by you.  The days of Intellectual Property are over with the web. Now everything is accessible anyway.

Warning: This is one of the biggest pitfalls I’ve seen people fall into. I’ve known marketers who will demand you schedule a booking with them (paid) before you even know them, when you are just asking a question at a networking event. This is a real turn off!


So there you have it. Ten tips that should get you on the track to becoming an authority. One thing you’ll need to note, is that it is easier to become an authority if you specialise in an area. It’s harder to be a generalist.

Also be willing to put in the time and sweat.It won’t happen overnight. But these handy tips will help accelerate the process and make it possible.

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Until next time!

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