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4 Proven Tips For Increasing Your Productivity

Starting a new business or new  marketing campaign can be exciting – but it can also be time sucking. Sometimes we simply lose track of time and work on tasks that are low yield. While other times we feel deflated by the overwhelming amount of stuff on our to do list.

When running your own business, you really need to stay on top of the field. There is a lot to juggle and overwhelm often seeps in.

So I’d like to share some techniques that may help you chunk up the overwhelm into bite size pieces.

Let’s explore 4 of the techniques I use to get more productive.


Technique #1: Setting a timer

This one is based on the Pomodoro technique. Using this technique, you set a timer for 25 minutes and concentrate on nothing but the task at hand until the timer has reached completion.

An alternate method to this is to schedule in time on your calendar for when you want to check out a block of time.  I have found that this method does not work as well for me because I do not like to restrict myself to the time of the day. This is mainly because, at certain points in the day, I lose energy and I cannot concentrate as well, and would rather switch that time with another time.

While you can certainly use your phone to set a timer, there are also apps created especially for this purpose. Here is one from the Google Chrome store that I have used before.

Technique #2: Give Yourself Permission to Say No

There are days when I do nothing but help other people. The danger in doing this is you get nothing done for yourself. You cannot be everybody’s Superman.

You must learn to minimise distractions by saying no to other people when the task they give you is not in line with your business or income.

Such activities may manifest themselves in terms of phone calls,  people asking you to give them a hand in the office, or even a spouse asking you to do a task for them while you are on the clock. But perhaps one of the biggies, is that of emails coming through .

I am not advocating that you deny everybody help, or anybody help for that matter. I am just warning you that for the sake of your business you really need to focus on what is important.

Technique #3: Release Control

Sometimes we get this superhero syndrome where we think our way is the best way. That is an understandable thought pattern as we are the ones who built up our business.

But this kind of mindset works against you as you try and take on more and more. I personally have this problem, I think all my processes are the only ones for my business.

But I need to let go. And so do you. Try delegating some of your tasks to a Virtual Assistant or out-task it. Who knows, they may actually add something refreshing to your business processes

Technique #4: Plan your day ahead of time

I can’t recall the details, but I remember Bob Proctor mentioning an incredibly high price one corporation paid, to a consultant, to get more productive. The coach they paid this sum to simply suggested they make a plan to do 6 things every day.

Put it on a checklist and cross it off once done. But no more than 6 critical tasks.

I’d take this a step further and plan out those 6 things the night before. This way your subconscious mind can process them as you sleep. You will find yourself more likely to do them that way.

I admit, sometimes I find planning the tasks in the morning of the same day just as viable. But it all depends on you.

Hopefully this brief post has enabled you to add more productivity building strategies into your bag of tricks. If you liked this post, check out the accompanying infographic and feel free to share or pin!

Still not having enough time in your day?

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