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4 Tips on Branding Yourself Using WordPress

Do you want to brand your business via proxy of your WordPress website?

Perhaps a better question would be, do you want a following? People who will advocate your brand and defend you no matter what?

If the answer is yes, then you want to build a branding.

You might be earning money already with no brand in place, so why not just scale up on how many websites you have and how many articles you post online?

A brand helps you effortlessly create more income because you generate a loyal base of customers who do your advertising for you.

Today, I am going to share 4 tips to building a better brand. Although I’m revolving these around WordPress, you can take the information learned and apply them to other strategies of branding.

So let’s dig into it!


Tip #1: Ensure you have a direction

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, sailing through life without a goal is like being on a boat without a rudder. You are directionless.

So please, ensure you have some end game in mind. And strive to meet that goal.

An example of a person who does this is Justin Popovic. He owns Best Quality PLR, and as the name suggests, he strive to produce top quality PLR which is different from a lot of crap you’ll find out there.

Justin uses WordPress – like many other marketers – to host his storefront. His consistently puts out top notch, idea generating products and uses email marketing to lead people back to his site. It’s there they can stay connected to his vision and purchase his deals!


Tip #2: You can become known for something even if you are an affiliate marketer

Just because you are doing affiliate marketing, and running a blog promoting products that aren’t yours, doesn’t mean you are stuck without recognition.

In fact, one of the best ways of leveraging a brand is to become known for doing product reviews.

Look at Lynn Terry of ClickNewz. She is highly and widely regarded as one of the leaders on affiliate marketing. In fact, she is a super affiliate. Because of her strong branding, people don’t hesitate to buy from her.

She too, has leveraged WordPress to build her brand perhaps more so than anybody I know. Her blog is huge. It contains thousands of product reviews, tips and customer engagement posts. Lynn even has a secret membership area stuffed within the site where she mentors a hungry following of fans on how to do similar things.

So don’t underestimate the power of a WordPress blog and a free theme 🙂


Tip #3: Be known as a leader in something

You’ve probably heard of some marketers being classified as “Copywriter to the stars” or similar tags. The truth is, you can be known for something and build yourself up from the start.

I am building up recognition for WordPress. But to mention somebody else with far more success, is to mention Sarah Santacroce.

Sarah has been in business for a while and quickly built up a reputation as a LinkedIn Specialist. She has really niched herself well and walks the talk, publishing on LinkedIn Pulse as well as maintaining her own blog.

I think Sarah would agree that LinkedIn is a good avenue to build that authority, and you can bring people back to your own WordPress site from LinkedIn. Sarah has a course on LinkedIn which is a testimony to her knowledge.


Tip #4: Be human

Don’t forget to be human. Customers and prospects do business with people, not faceless organisations. I remember personally joining a membership site years ago, that had no face, and I had a horrible time connecting with support. Sadly, I had to get my refund through a paypal dispute to an email address that was owned by a complete stranger.

One way to be human, therefore, is to stay on the top of people’s minds. You can setup a forum if that is your thing, on your WordPress site, or have a blog, rich with comment replies.

One person who is extremely approachable, human and generous is Tawnya Sutherland. She is the founder of the world’s largest Virtual Assistant Organisation – VA Networking. You’d think a person this successful wouldn’t have time for interactions.

But she does.

And it pays off in dividends.

I attribute much of her success to her generosity, selflessness and nurturing.


So there you have it. Four specific tips in which you too can build up a branding, and leverage WordPress to do so. All of the folks I mentioned in this discussion have been great influencers for me. They are all extremely generous which I think is the glue in building a branding.

So what methods of branding are you using? How are you leveraging WordPress to get your message out? Or are you using other techniques and mediums to get the message across? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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