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5 Independent Sites You Can Visit to Buy Genesis Child Themes

Note: I no longer use the Genesis framework. This post is for historical reference only.

There’s a reason why I love Genesis. It really appeals to my developer’s heart. But are Genesis themes really that “pretty” out of the box?

Yes, they are clean but Genesis is really a framework to build on top of.

That’s why I decided to get educated on the various third party sites that sell Genesis themes.

You see, I didn’t realise there was such a thing a year ago but now I’m going to list 5 for you.

  • – this one was mentioned and stood out to me at the time it was. I think their site may be down at the time of writing.
  • – these folks developed the Aspire theme which actually comes bundled as a third party if you buy the all-theme-bundle on StudioPress
  • – caters to both Thesis and Genesis frameworks and I believe each theme has a version for both.
  • – themes that appeal to a feminine market. I had a good lady friend who used modern blogger pro simply because she likes pink!
  • – another lady’s touch on the angle of Genesis child themes.


Do you use any of these child themes or do you prefer to stick with StudioPress’s selection of themes? Frankly, I just pick on from StudioPress’s download page as I have already paid for them.

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