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The Benefits Of Becoming A Coach


I’d just like to start by saying the purpose of this post is to bring light onto what coaching is, the results that you can elicit as a coach and whether it is right for you. It is intended to be read by those considering taking what they know, as well as their communication skills, and applying it online to helping others succeed.

So to start off, let’s first look at what coaching is all about.

An Intense Look at Coaching

Coaching gigs and opportunities have seemingly exploded over the past 4 years. We are becoming a society of digital consumers with the prevenance of the internet and better technology. This combination has really made online coaching the obvious choice for taking your online business to the highest level.

I think this is because the internet has opened us up to the world. Suddenly planet earth has become a lot smaller. I can be positioned in my home office in Australia and consulting with one of my clients in the United States.

I don’t think there would be a better time to jump on the “coaching bandwagon” as there is today. Although coaching appeals to me – to be a mentor – I also recall the selling of shovels to the gold diggers in the gold rush era.

Of course, I have a lot of value to offer as a coaching consultant. I am not directly coaching others but helping coaches achieve their goals of building authority. Coaches have a lot on their plates already.

There are a lot of responsibilities with becoming a coach. I like to work with ethical online marketing coaches, but goodness knows there are some scammy types out there. Rather than dig into “what” these coaches need; I am going to look at what they do and the results they provide.


What Do Coaches actually do?

Coaching is a very strange profession. In reality, we are often paying somebody the big bucks to tell us what we know we should be doing. A lot of it is accountability, but there is also an element of getting information out of our head that is cemented inside.


To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.
Tony Robbins


As Tony Robbins wisely acknowledged, everybody’s perception is different. Sometimes having somebody explain something in a new light can bring a fresh perspective.

On a personal note, I went to a coaching session of types last night. It was part networking event with a group coaching element. Our leader spoke about authority marketing. I came to realise I knew everything he had mentioned, but for some reason, I had not been incorporating it into my business.

After hearing the event, and mingling with the other participants, I felt quite invigorated and ready to continue on my journey forward. I also realised that the positioning was valid. I was doing the right thing.

The takeway point here, is that coaches do not always necessarily provide you with something you do not know. They are there to help you tap into your personal and mental resources and pluck from your mind the thing you need by overcoming blocks.

Coaches help you see a fresh perspective on the world. Their specialty lie in their sharp communications skills.


The Results Coaches get Us

I’d like to first acknowledge there are a variety of coaches. I mainly deal with a coach who has a subniche of the internet marketing arena, but we also see life coaches, relationship coaches and executive coaches. All of these I would still consider consulting with. In fact, I have worked with executive coaches before.

Having said that, the results can vary but the core is very similar.

Here are some of the universal things Coaches help us with:

  • Improvement in self confidence
  • The ability to forge better relationships and be connected
  • Ability to articulate yourself better and communicate clearer
  • Some degree of mastery over time management
  • Improvement in quality of work

Some examples of these outcomes can be found at the Coach Federation’s Benefits to using a coach page.

Let’s take for example an internet marketing coach. They may be a Facebook ad marketing specialist. I like to work with specialists as opposed to an umbrella or generalist coach.

Let’s say I’m his mentee or client. I may know a fair bit about Facebook marketing, and then again I may know little. The point is, the coach in the online marketing arena can provide both direction and knowledge. He can help improve your confidence as you see your ads converting better as well as get you pumped and productive.

You can see how this list above – or framework even – applies to any type of coach. We may have executive coaches who specialise in conflict resolution, which is a result in of itself. But the important thing to note is the coach is a guide. She provides direction in one instance and knowledge in her area of specialty on the other hand.

Quite personally, I feel from experience in my own circles, that people take on coaching when they reach a certain tipping point in their business. At this stage, they are usually very experienced, professional and already having some degree of success.

In the case of the Facebook coach, this type of mentee would generally know a lot about Facebook but just need a good shove in the right direction – both mindset and strategy.



Coaching is a fast growing industry and comprises of people who are great communicators shining a light on a different perspective.


Are You a Coach?

I love assisting coaches, both startups and established. I typically do this through authority marketing, helping you stand out as unique.

If you found some insights by reading this post, and you are considering signing on as a coach to teach your expertise and help shape others views, then by all means reach out to me. I’d be happy to discuss where you are at or what you have tried; and any next steps you may need to overcome your own obstacles!

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