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After completing her other site, SC Career Transition, Julie returned to me to have her second site updated.

Just like SC, this site had two langauges: English & French. This meant we had to produce each page twice and tie them together using a multi-lingual plugin.

We used Beaver Builder for the page builder so it would have a similar look and feel to her other site.

Here’s what we accomplished

  • We added a linkable phone number in the header so propsects could call Julie while viewing the site from their smart phones
  • We added support for multiple languages with a language switcher so users could choose their preferred language
  • We created and designed a custom, fresh blog layout and inserted a subscribe form
  • We added a quiz allowing potential clients to take it and find out where they are in their journey and segue to Julie’s offer (Plus add them to an emali list)

Julie’s Results

She’s been getting a slow but steady flow of leads. Most of them come through from her original website and we are going to work on a marketing plan for bringing more predictability.

As an update, Julie recently had me create a digital ecommerce component to her site. We updated the theme to Astra and used Easy Digital Downloads to manage this.

Her system supports the purchase of workbooks and a subscription for her coaching.

You can visit Julie’s site here:

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