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Finding a Good VA through VA Networking


Are You Overwhelmed by Your Business?

Are you constantly struggling within your business to get all things done, that need to be done? Maybe you are spending more time marketing than taking on clients. Maybe the technical difficulties are also costing you time?

If so, I’m sure by now that you realise you need a Virtual Assistant. I like the fact a VA does not have to share an office space with you, and you can give them work to do and they’ll complete it in a timely manner, from anywhere in the world.

A business should not be an overwhelming venture! You should enjoy it, and that sometimes means expanding.

Virtual Assistants are also a dream for sharing interesting ideas to help your business and strategically partnering with one does not mean giving away the rights to your business.


The Best Place for Virtual Assistants

One of the best places I discovered for finding Virtual Assistants is VA Networking. Now, at a full disclosure, I have been a member there for over a year and even given the privilege by the owner, Tawnya Sutherland, to moderate the forums. I’ve even been asked to do some web development work for them.

But, having said that, I’ve met many hard working and clever thinking VAs there. I even contracted one from the boards to help with my social media strategy. The result was an increase in my LinkedIn profile, both strength and reach.

Here’s some of the things I love about VA Networking:

  • It has a free forum where the Virtual Assistants gather to learn more about their profession and communicate with one another for advice
  • It has a paid section where those who want to take their training to the next level can
  • It caters for a variety of different Virtual Assistants from Webinar specialists to administrative officers and more
  • These VAs are strategic thinkers and they are encouraged to help grow a business, not just follow orders
  • Finally, there is an excellent Job Board open to the members of the network


Perhaps you are ready to take on, or at least try, having somebody virtually positioned in your business who can alleviate some of the stress. I highly recommend then that you post a free listing for a job on the job boards. Submit an RFP to VA Networking and see what takers you have!

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