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How to Create Landing Pages within WordPress

I know Leadpages is a great solution for building landing pages, but the thought of a recurring subscription to something I wasn’t using often enough, was a little scary.

I don’t know about you, but all these services seem to stack up and make running a business very expensive.

So what I decided to do was consolidate.

I am going to show you a couple of alternative, WordPress based tools for creating landing pages. You can either save on third party subscriptions – if that’s a problem – or you can have peace of mind knowing your branding is consistent.

Yes, some of these tools do cost money and some of them have free versions. But you can use them for more than just your landing pages.

Let’s get to it now …

Thrive Themes

Thrive themes is an affordable way to build both landing pages and inner pages of your site. Its tools are also known for assisting you in marketing with such neat effects like timed optins and conversion tracking.

I admit I’ve only ever used this for clients and not myself. The page builder is a little less intuitive for me, than other solutions, but you really have to appreciate the suite of tools on the all in one subscription.

These tools include, not only marketing aids, but also full fledged themes built for conversion.

You can check out Thrive Themes here.


Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is my all time favourite page builder. Although it works best for content pages, it still has some fairly neat landing page templates. It is truly easy to use and intuitive.

I particularly love how you can see the changes in real time and get a chance to view them on your site before committing to the save.

While it lacks some of the marketing tools that Thrive themes has, you can use third party plugins to get the same effects like Power Pack Addons and Ultimate Beaver.

It should also be noted that Beaver Builder has a free version which may be enough to get you started on building out pages when combined with other free plugins.

But I’d highly recommend you invest in Beaver Builder to get the most out of it and its beautiful, predesigned templates.


So there you have two great tools with their optional addons. Beaver Builder will set you back $99 for the year, while thrive themes is about $190+ for the year. There’s no reason you can’t use both either.

Personally, I like Beaver Builder because it’s what I’m used to using and I can create some stunning designs using Genesis themes as the base.

If you’d rather have the whole process done for you, then do check out my pre-designed website packages here.

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