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Case Study: Business Solutions Academy for Marie Mason


Business Solutions Academy is spearheaded by Marie Mason, a business strategy coach with a mission to empower aspiring entrepreneurs. Marie’s vision is to demystify the process of launching a digital agency, offering clarity and confidence to those at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey.


Marie sought to refine her messaging to resonate more effectively with her target audience. The goal was to communicate the value of her coaching in a compelling manner, ensuring potential clients understood the tangible benefits of her program. Additionally, Marie aimed to enhance her digital platform to support a more engaging and resourceful learning environment for her students.


Our collaboration with Marie Mason focused on strategic content development and design, streamlining her message to capture the essence of her coaching philosophy. Key initiatives included:

  • Crafting a Compelling Value Proposition: We developed a powerful statement for the website’s hero section, succinctly articulating the academy’s mission: “One Stop training for successful entrepreneurs who want to start a digital agency. We remove the overwhelm of hiring, training, and managing your team and help you to create your HR processes.”
  • Empowering with Copywriting Tools: Marie was introduced to frameworks like A.I.D.A (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and P.A.S (Problem, Agitate, Solution) to enhance her copywriting skills. This enabled her to maintain engagement and effectively convey the desire for her offer.
  • Design and Color Scheme: Adopting a simple color palette of black, yellow, and blue, we created a clean and streamlined site design. This visual strategy not only aligned with Marie’s brand identity but also improved the site’s usability and appeal.
  • Black Friday Funnel: We developed a promotional funnel for Black Friday, allowing Marie to offer extracts of her main course at a special rate. This initiative provided a strategic entry point for prospective clients to engage with her content.
  • Custom Membership Functionality: A key feature of the website was the integration of custom membership capabilities. This allowed Marie to enroll students in her 9-month business coaching program and offer additional one-on-one coaching as an add-on.
  • Affiliate Program: To expand her reach, we implemented an affiliate program, enabling Marie’s network to promote her coaching program. This not only broadened her audience but also created a mutually beneficial revenue stream.
  • Video Testimonials: Leveraging testimonials from a pilot run of her program, we incorporated video feedback to build credibility and trust among potential clients.
  • Members’ Dashboard: A dedicated area for members to access course materials, update account information, and monitor affiliate stats was established, enriching the learning experience and facilitating community engagement.


The collaboration with Marie Mason transformed Business Solutions Academy into a beacon for aspiring digital agency entrepreneurs. Marie’s enhanced messaging and the website’s new functionalities.

Marie Mason’s Business Solutions Academy now stands as a testament to the power of strategic web development and design in elevating educational platforms. We strongly believe this case study exemplifies our dedication to empowering clients with the tools and strategies needed for success in the digital realm.

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