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Capital Accounts Tax & Accounting – Case Study


Embarking on a project with Jasvir of Capital Accounts Tax & Accounting presented an opportunity to overhaul and modernize an existing website that had grown outdated. The primary goal was to refresh the site’s design and functionality to better serve Jasvir’s clientele and reflect the firm’s expertise in accounting and tax services.


Upon initial assessment, several critical issues were identified with the website’s backend, including disabled update notifications and an unlicensed page builder. These issues posed significant risks to the site’s stability and functionality. The challenge was to navigate these hurdles without compromising the website’s integrity while aiming for a comprehensive update.


  • Strategic Redesign: Opting for a complete redesign over a risky update, we embarked on creating a new, modern website that mirrored Jasvir’s vision. This approach allowed us to circumvent the technical issues and introduce a fresh aesthetic and improved user experience.
  • Design Inspiration and Execution: Drawing inspiration from sites Jasvir admired, we aimed to infuse the new website with a clean, sophisticated, and energetic design, incorporating her chosen brand colors that had been established years prior.
  • Homepage and Navigation: The new homepage was meticulously crafted to engage the right target market, with clear pathways for clients of varying business sizes and needs. An informative footer was added to enhance navigation and showcase Jasvir’s accreditations and disclaimers across the site.
  • Service Presentation: We meticulously detailed the nine service areas Jasvir wanted to highlight, creating a visually appealing menu that guided visitors to more information on each service. This granularity ensured clients could easily understand and access the services most relevant to them.


The transformation of the Capital Accounts Tax & Accounting website resulted in a vibrant, user-friendly platform that effectively communicates Jasvir’s offerings and expertise. The redesign not only addressed the initial technical concerns but also elevated the brand’s online presence, making it more accessible and engaging for current and prospective clients.


Our collaboration with Jasvir on this project was a testament to the importance of adaptability and client-focused design in web development. The success of the redesigned website underscores our commitment to providing tailored solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs while navigating and resolving complex technical challenges.

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