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Initially Jasvir, of Capital Accounts Tax & Accounting, asked me to build a new page on her existing website.

Her website was a few years old and so before taking on the task to hand, I went behind the scenes of the websites to see how things were set up.

I saw a few danger signs that could put us both in hot water; so I told her the risks of updating the website given that it had not been updated in years and the previous team accidentally disabled update notifications and forgot to license the plugin responsible for building the page.

If we were to do an update we could risk crashing the site. And since I had no way of updating the unlicensed page builder, the likeness of not being able to achieve the task was pretty high.

Jasvir decided that it would be easier just to redesign the website and that way we could give it a fresh new look.


We got to work on the new website with the goal of building around 5 pages with a clean yet sophisticated and lively punch. This idea came to us from a couple of other sites Jasvir really liked.

This was a fun and stress free endeavour given that Jasvir had already chosen 3 stand-out brand colours many years ago.

We ensured the homepage would pop and direct clients to the section they needed based on both what service they wanted and also what level of business they were at.

In our agreement we covered the following:

  • A new homepage that would call out to the right target market while allowing those with smaller businesses to find something lower key to help them.
  • An informative footer that not only displayed the full site navigation including job opportunities, but also showing her accreditations and disclaimers. This info would appear across all new pages automatically.
  • We really got granular on the services. Jasvir knew exactly the 9 areas she wanted to offer and so we turned that into a visually appealing menu like area where each one would take the visitor to a link to learn more.

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