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Career After Sport

Career After Sport – Case Study


The project with Julie Schladitz for Career After Sport showcases a sophisticated blend of design refinement and functional innovation. Our collaboration was geared towards updating her second site, with a focus on enhancing the user experience for athletes transitioning to new careers.


Julie sought to modernize the SC Career Transition website to reflect her brand’s essence while improving its functionality. The objective was to create a seamless, engaging online platform that facilitates the career transition journey for athletes.


  • Design Precision: Utilizing a popular page builder, we meticulously fine-tuned every design aspect to align with Julie’s branding vision, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing online presence.
  • Direct Communication: A linkable phone number was strategically placed in the header, enabling prospects to easily initiate contact with Julie directly from their smartphones.
  • Engaging Content Layout: We revamped the blog section with a custom, fresh layout and integrated a subscribe form to cultivate an active subscriber base, enhancing ongoing engagement with Julie’s audience.
  • Interactive Quiz: An interactive quiz was introduced to guide potential clients in identifying their current phase in the career transition process, seamlessly leading them to Julie’s tailored offerings and facilitating email list growth.
  • Resource Accessibility: Julie’s workbook and other valuable resources were made available for purchase, providing athletes with tools to navigate their career shift thoughtfully.
  • Service Promotion: We prominently featured Julie’s coaching package, designed to support athletes in exploring new career avenues, directly addressing the core needs of her target audience.


The revitalization of the SC Career Transition site successfully elevated Julie’s online platform, making it a more effective tool for athletes seeking guidance during pivotal career transitions. The strategic enhancements not only improved user engagement but also expanded Julie’s capacity to reach and assist her clients.


Our work with SC Career Transition under Julie Schladitz’s direction exemplifies the power of targeted web design and development in facilitating meaningful career transformations. The project stands as a testament to our shared commitment to delivering impactful, user-centric solutions. Through ongoing collaboration and updates, we continue to support Julie in her mission to empower athletes navigating the challenges of career transition.

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