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John Paduchak

John needed a website to showcase his video marketing consultation services to local businesses in New Hampshire.

He had a few misses with the design of his website while working with offshore help in the past. John also knew his messaging but could not get words into print. I asked John a series of strategic questions revolving around who his market is, and why they would need his services.

Our first step was to do an audio recording so he could express his vision. John and I discussed his target market and offer at length.

We went very deep on this private interview essentially identifying the client-offer fit so his prospects would really understand that John was their man.

This was something John could easily answer on audio but something that was always hard to put into words.

We then discussed the feel of the visual design and emotional pull of his brand; while keeping anchored to John’s generic preference for blue.

Here’s what we did:

  • We were able to construct a simple no clutter website. I wrote the copy for the homepage from his notes and research by deploying gentle copy skills flavoured in an exciting tone of possibility.
  • While we were designing the website with the content; we considered the marketing elements that he would need.
  • Our entry point was the true tried and tested consultation. This enabled interested business owners to get on John’s Calendar for a 1 on 1 obligation- free strategy session.

The site turned out clean and fresh. John was pumped and relieved that the site that was broken for so many years was now a reality.

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