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Julie Schladitz Career Coaching – Case Study


Our engagement with Julie Schladitz presented an opportunity to redefine the online presence for her career coaching service, particularly focused on the Swiss market. Julie’s goal was to cast a wider net, drawing from her success with athletes transitioning to new careers, and extend her services more broadly.


Julie aimed to capture a larger clientele for her general career coaching services. The challenge was to design a cohesive online experience that not only aligns with her existing site dedicated to athletes but also stands out to a broader audience in Switzerland.


  • Unified Design: We developed a design strategy that ensured uniformity across both of Julie’s websites, with distinctive colour variations to offer a unique identity to her general career coaching platform.
  • Marketing Flow: Julie’s familiarity with certain marketing strategies guided our approach. We introduced a downloadable e-book as a lead magnet, offering valuable insights to those considering a career change.
  • CRM Integration: To capture and nurture leads, we linked the e-book download to a CRM system, facilitating email marketing and automation. This setup paved the way for prospects to schedule consultations with Julie, significantly increasing the chance of securing new clients.
  • Content Strategy: Recognizing the informational needs of Julie’s audience, we enhanced the visibility of her blog. This involved prominent placement of recent posts and a dedicated menu spot, catering to visitors seeking career counselling advice.
  • Media Section: At Julie’s initiative, a media section was created to showcase her speaking engagements and establish her authority in the field. This addition serves as a testament to Julie’s extensive experience and commitment to her profession.


The collaboration with Julie Schladitz yielded a comprehensive and engaging website that effectively broadens her reach within the career coaching domain. The strategic enhancements and features implemented have laid a strong foundation for attracting and converting prospects into clients.


Working with Julie Schladitz has been a fulfilling journey, marked by mutual learning and growth. The ongoing relationship we maintain through site updates and optimizations continues to be a source of pride and professional satisfaction. Our efforts have contributed to a significant expansion of Julie’s career coaching services, reinforcing her position as a trusted advisor in the field.

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