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Melanie Wood is an accomplished keynote speaker and an advocate for women’s empowerment. So when we saw how busy was, we offered our assistance in remodelling her website.

We are grateful Melanie accepted so that we could help her showcase her speaking programs as well as allow the website to serve as a lead generation tool.

Here’s what we did:

  • Remodelled all the content from the old site so it flowed in a more fluid fashion and across multiple related pages
  • We crafted a headline for the homepage that spoke directly to Melanie’s market so the leads would really be qualified as they came in
  • Fruther we added the programs to a page of its own and leveraged Melanie’s Kajabi pages to link the programs up. That way anybody looking for a Do it Yourself package could discover her other offers on her other website.
  • We added a contact form that allowed for the person enquiring to choose their intent and;
  • We surprised Melanie by turning 3 of her YouTube Videos into blog posts for extra SEO love

Melanie was very happy with her new site. And while she currently is focusing more on independent coaching and story telling, as oppoed to corporate speaking, the site still remains an authorative component of her online presence.

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