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Melanie Wood’s Speaking Styles – Case Study


In collaboration with Melanie Wood, an esteemed keynote speaker and advocate for women’s empowerment, we embarked on a project to redesign her website for “Speaking Styles.” Our goal was to not only refresh the site’s aesthetics but also to enhance its functionality as a lead generation tool and a platform to showcase her speaking programs.


Melanie’s existing website required a comprehensive overhaul to improve content flow and user engagement. The challenge lay in reimagining the site to more effectively communicate Melanie’s offerings and ethos while also serving as a dynamic resource for her audience.


  • Content Reorganization: We systematically remodeled the website’s content to ensure a seamless flow across pages, facilitating a more intuitive user experience.
  • Targeted Messaging: A compelling headline was crafted for the homepage, designed to resonate directly with Melanie’s target audience, ensuring that incoming leads were well-qualified.
  • Program Integration: Melanie’s diverse speaking programs were consolidated onto a dedicated page, with strategic links to her Kajabi content. This approach streamlined access to her offerings, catering to users seeking self-directed learning opportunities.
  • Enhanced Contact Form: We introduced a customized contact form enabling prospective clients to specify their intent, simplifying the process for both parties and enhancing lead quality.
  • SEO-Enhanced Content: In a creative twist, we transformed three of Melanie’s YouTube videos into blog posts, boosting the site’s SEO and providing valuable content in a new format.


The rejuvenation of Melanie Wood’s “Speaking Styles” website has significantly amplified her online presence. The enhancements have not only improved the site’s visual appeal and navigation but also its efficacy as a tool for engaging with and expanding Melanie’s audience.


Melanie’s satisfaction with her redesigned website is a testament to the project’s success. While Melanie shifts her focus towards more personal coaching and storytelling, the “Speaking Styles” site continues to stand as an authoritative and influential component of her digital footprint. This project underscores our commitment to delivering bespoke web solutions that empower our clients to achieve their professional aspirations.

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