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Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter


Coolfemme is an ecommerce site that sells night clothing for women who are in their mid to late years. The business has been featured in the online media. Susan was referred to me by a friend. We built the site and Susan took some time to learn. Here’s what was accomplished We created an ecommerce […]

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Basefab is a site with the sole purpose of giving the business a site so potential clients can see the quality and values of Basefab. This site was built for my brother who had presented a sketch of the concept he wanted. Here’s what was accomplished Created a very simple design that would support limited

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VA Networking

Working with Tawnya Sutherland of VA Networking was a very big privilege, considering the site we worked on was like an ancient landmark. The site itself was functional and stood on its own, however, it had fallen at risk of losing ground with Google due to its structure. During its many renovations, the site had been

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