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3 Tactics Your WordPress Developer Should Avoid

As an internet marketer, you often want to customise your site to match user expectation. In fact it's more important than most niches to stand out. Naturally you'll want to hire somebody to make this happen. But beware.

Do 5-Star Ratings Make Good Plugins

I spent an entire week traipsing through in search of plugins that could provide value to certain business models. Initially I chose only 4 – 5 star plugins sometimes going as low as 3.3. Then it occurred to me, star ratings are purely subjective. In this short post, I am going to give you …

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Free Alternative To Wishlist Member

We all know my stance on licensed software for WordPress (one of the reasons I moved away from Joomla). In the context of my business, it’s not something I’d use because it restricts the freedom of the end user and limits what he can do with his site. But what about when it comes to …

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Email Marketing Contingency Plan

It was no secret that a denial of service attack hit the big players in email marketing hard last week. I thought it was only Aweber but I heard that GetResponse was also targeted and even MailChimp. Fortunately for me, the consequence was not so disastrous. I don’t rely on email marketing to the extent …

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