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Why Genesis was My Number One Choice

Choosing a theme for your new website is one of the hardest things a new coach or course creator can do.

It is not because the process of installing a theme is complex, but rather finding the right theme in a sea of choice.

Previously I discussed why I like Genesis. You may have also seen the post on the different Genesis child themes.

I will preface this post by saying I no longer use Genesis. And not because it is bad; but because since first publishing this post we have been spoiled with so many choices.

The two leading themes today are Astra (which is what I use) and the Kadence theme.

However for sake of legacy, I will leave the reasons that Genesis served me well in tact.

So let’s explore the reasons it was a good choice (and still could be).

Easy to extend without hacking the theme files

Genesis is a framework. This makes it simple to copy and paste code snippets and they’ll work across the board for each child theme.

Side note: Modern themes like Astra support this too as it has become the norm. There is also a new wave of themes being released due to the new Gutenberg block editor.

Highly supported

There are numerous plugins out there that work with Genesis. You can search Genesis on the plugins directory alone and find gold – free gold! Any great theme framework will have supporting plugins from third party developers.

Well integrated with page builders

I love how it integrates so smoothly with Beaver Builder. Beaver Builder is a page builder and Genesis doesn’t have one natively which brings me to the last point …

Genesis is light weight because it doesn’t have built in overhead. It’s quick to upload and you can add pieces that you need later.

I used to use Parallax Pro for this site. But you can totally choose the one  you like or select from a range of custom themes. You can also read more about third party themes here.

Note: I no longer use Genesis nor Beaver Builder. But they are still viable choices.

What type of site are you trying to build? And what themes do you feel work for you?

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