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Expert Chat with Elaine Sellers – Symposium Speaker

I had the privelege of chatting with Elaine Sellers of Avenue Admin.

I met Elaine in the VA Insiders membership, which is a group run by Tawnya Sutherland of VA Networking.

Elaine is a highly proficient administrative Virtual Assistant, but like me, she is much more than that. She is a strategist helping her clients find solutions that fit them.

I really loved Elaine’s take on \”no one size fits all\” because this is an exact mantra we use at Mark of Approval Web & Marketing.

So let’s dive into the conversation and get to know Elaine Sellers a little bit more.

Mark Hunter

Elaine, how about you introduce yourself to my friends. And tell us about your business. What do you do? And who do you do it for?

Elaine Sellers

I’m Elaine Sellers, Business Consultant & Trainer, and owner of Avenue Admin. You know how after starting a business, some solopreneurs struggle with managing the administrative work necessary for success?  What I do is help them identify the solutions they need.

One size does not fit all, so I use basic principles to design simple, powerful, customizable solutions. Then I provide hands-on support to implement them.

Experience less stress and gain more clarity, so you can focus on real priorities. Learn to run your business instead of your business running you!

Mark Hunter

Brilliant! Now, who are your ideal clients? Where do you find them?

Elaine Sellers

My passion is supporting other business owners. I work with solopreneurs who are ready to make the change from chaos to control… from overwhelmed to organized.

Relationships are the heart of my business. I use social media to get to know clients who may need my help and to connect with colleagues for mutual support.

Mark Hunter

What are the top 3 issues you’ve experienced with disorganisation for both your clients and fellow freelancers?

Elaine Sellers

Many business owners start without administrative processes. It works fine at first, but as things get busier challenges arise. The main issues I see are:

  • Inbox overwhelm
  • Information management (files, contacts, task list)
  • Time Investment

Mark Hunter

I totally agree that inbox overwhelm is a big one for the entrepreneur! What are some of the services you provide to help them solve these problems? And how do the services solve them?

Elaine Sellers

I offer no-cost support via social media posts, free consultations, and free webinars so prospective clients can get expert help and learn more about me.

In depth consulting is available through various paid services including:

  • Group webinars
  • Individual programs that cover the areas of inbox control, information management and time investment
  • Time Savings Masterclass

My signature service, the Time Savings Masterclass, is a comprehensive 8-week program that covers three areas: inbox control, information management, and  time investment.

Custom services are available upon request to meet your specific needs.  

In the individual programs, I’ll walk with you through a three-step client journey.

  1. First, I get to know you, where you are, and where you want to be.
  2. Next, we work together to design custom solutions to meet your goals.
  3. Then, I’ll provide hands on help to implement them

Mark Hunter

Do you have any resources or apps that you can recommend to help your colleagues with time management, productivity and organisation?

Elaine Sellers

  1. If it sounds too good to be true, proceed with caution.  There is no magic process or program that works for everyone. I know because I’ve tried them and what I got was wasted time and frustration. There is no \”right\” way, only the best way for each person’s situation.
  2. Good choices are necessary to focus your efforts, so you gain the results you want. Without choices, you lose control and become the passive receiver of whatever comes your way. Use these steps to help guide your choices.
    1. KEEP IT SIMPLE – Use the simplest method that meets your needs, works for you and moves you forward.
    1. ONE THING AT A TIME – Once you have a clear direction, move forward with that one thing. When your attention is spread over multiple initiatives, you make little progress on any of them.
    1. GET AN OUTSIDE PERSPECTIVE – Sometimes we are too close to see things clearly. Build a network of colleagues, join a mastermind group, or seek an accountability partner. Even family or friends can help. 
    1. DON’T GET STUCK – Realize when the best choice is to move on. I spent over 2 months on a project and was frustrated by many roadblocks. Eventually abandoned that project for a better option.

Mark Hunter

Where can readers learn more about you? How can you help our readers – ie lead magnet, discount etc?

Elaine Sellers

Connect with me on social media for simple steps to help your business.


Facebook Page:

YouTube Channel:

Download your free Time Saving Checklist – 16 Ways to Save Time

Schedule your FREE 30-minute consult:

Join me at the Symposium on November 18 at 2 pm EST to learn about Time Investment: How to get the most benefit from the time you have.

Let’s thank Elaine for taking the time to give us such great insights into organisation as an entrepreneur. If you happy to be wondering how you can take your organisational skills to the next level, I would encourage you to check out our Virtual Summit live on November 15th. Elaine is scheduled to talk at 2pm on the Thursday (East Coast time corrected for daylight saving changes).

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