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When NOT to rely on WordPress

I was reading a forum discussion the other day. And they mentioned something that rang true. Something that would have shocked me years ago.

7 Reasons Why My Funnel Flunked

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit my recent advertised attempt at a sales funnel flunked like a repeatedly truant high school student. I’m going to reveal the top 7 reasons I think I flunked it...and this comes from my own “should have known better” book of marketing.

How A Content Strategy Can Help Attract The Right Clients

This post is going to explore some tips on how you can make your site more engaging through a content strategy. We’ll look at things like giving purpose to a page and keep everything relevant so you attract the right customer. I believe the biggest obstacle for those sites that have this self indulged speak is lack of planning. So they write from the heart, not from the plan.

Is a Website Good For Getting Clients?

Hey, today I am going to present some Frequently Asked Questions on whether a website is good for getting clients and why having a website does not mean more of. I thought it would be fun to do this as an audio so, sit back, relax and listen.

The Absolute Worst Way to Acquire a Plugin

Outsourcing can save you a ton of time, but be a risk. But If Something is Free, it’s Almost Too Good to Be True

WordPress White Screen of Death

It is inevitable in your career as a WordPress solution provider that you’ll come across some bugs. Things will go pair shaped, they always do. One of the scariest things that can happen is “The White Screen of Death”. This is especially terrifying if it happens on a client’s site. Even more so if you …

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