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Mark Hunter

Avrill Stark Production

Avrill decided to take the plunge and have me create her a website. The goal was to raise awareness of her brand and her new show, The Deep.

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Mark Hunter


Webmentee was originally a pet project of mine. I decided since I created websites for others, why not use the same formula and processes to

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"Mark is a life saver! He can fix any website problem."

Mark is a life saver! He can fix any website problem. I've known Mark for probably as many years as I have been in business (almost 15) and he has accompanied me on this journey. He has built sites for me from scratch, helped me merge two, helped me change hosting, change Wordpress template, change membership site - you name it, he's done it for me. Even if there's no apparent solution, thanks to his programming skills he will create one. As a person Mark is warm, humble and ethical. I'm blessed to know Mark and highly recommend him.
Sarah Santacroce, Switzerland
Humane Marketing
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