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Resources to Help Digital Service Providers Build Their Website

I have decided to line up some of the best resources on my website to help my colleagues with building their website.

I truly believe the first step is to have total clarity on your marketing and offer, otherwise you are just playing around with WordPress. Ask me how I know 😉

So with that, let me give you a few post line ups I think could really help.

Some Additional External Resources to Learn Copywriting

There are two resources I suggest for learning the art of copywriting. An important skill for mastering your website message and conversions.

Copy Hackers

Joanne has a modern approach to copywriting and has helped a lot of Fortune 500 companies position their homepages among other things.

She has a high ticket membership too, but it’s certainly worth checking our her blog first.

This is my favourite post which showcases frameworks

Make sure you have clarity on your offer to market before you play with these frameworks!

Copywriting Course

This site is owned by Neville Medhora who seems to focus on more direct response and traditional styles of copywriting.

Like Joanne, he as a great free library of resources including and his own blog post which will show you both examples of good copy and the psychology behind it.

Neville has a very good video on how the A.I.D.A formula actually works. And how it fits into copywriting.

Neville Medhora, too, has a copywriting program.

I hope these resources are useful to you. And if you are looking into creating a website for your service based business, you might also be interested in my upcoming event for Freelancers – and grab your free ticket.

And certainly leave any comments below if you have some questions – or contact me here to ask them privately.

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