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4 Trusted Resources For Getting More Clients

When we start up our service based business online we are full of hope. We envision having a flood of clients who are hungry for our services.

The top 7 plugins I use on almost every WordPress site and why you should too

There are just some plugins I can’t seem to avoid. I’m so closely tied to them that they have become part of my workflow.

Why every solopreneur eventually needs a VA and where to get one

Though there is nothing wrong with the idea of going solo, it does hinder you from achieving a crucial aspect of business – long-term growth.

Why Genesis is My Number One Choice

Previously I discussed why I like Genesis. But I’d like to take that a step further and explain why I like it so much.

5 Independent Sites You Can Visit to Buy Genesis Child Themes

There’s a reason why I love Genesis. It really appeals to my developer’s heart. But are Genesis themes really that “pretty” out of the box?
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